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Defocusing main stream problems

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bigHey, there’s a great football game or fantastic movie on TV!

You probably heard that one before but did you ever think that it just happened to be a distraction from what might be happening behind the closed doors of your government.

Yes, just the way that cunning marketing changes your thoughts about buying a new product, governments use similar tactics to enact laws and take decisions that might otherwise be inundated by objecting citizens, until their true objectives are in motion or complete.

In Greece, Italy, and Spain, recent posts in newspapers and newscasts such as the “witch hunt” to place the blame for the current financial debacle, the assertion that Silvio Berlusconi maybe involved in the latest corruption scandal, and digging up the infamous crimes of Franco, are not only the latest news but can be a diversion from the focus on the problems of the country and the EU.  This happens in other countries as well just as recent events discuss the meeting of the Dalai Lama with President Obama and the threatening tone of China, while it either reduces or increases the focus on another agenda.

Do you think this is a conspiracy theory?  Just the way that George W. Bush created the term “weapons of mass destruction” that never actually existed, a new law or action might be happening that could take you be surprise.

While we enjoy the benefits that technologies like the Internet has brought us, we must also deal with the flood of information that can blind or misguide us.

Focuses combined with strategy are the key to preventing events from happening before they do.  Just as in business, the better your vision is to interpreting the overall situation, the better you will be able to effectively act and provide a clearer solution.

Salvation of modern and ancient Greeks

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The salvation of the Greek economy has just been declared by the EU and along with it the demands.

The question is whether those demands will only force Greece into a monetary penalty or will they include therapeutic additives to cure the main problem, the failure of a system that developed a corrupt lifestyle that became legacy tarnishing Greece.

It is hard to understand the thinking that foreigners living in Greece have when it comes to the bankruptcy of this nation, but some believe that the collapse of this country may actually benefit the country by demolishing a system of government that has been a disease while unfortunately punishing the good citizens.

The main problem of Greece derives from older governments using promises to gain votes and assuring the voters that they would receive their return for their investment of a vote through a guaranteed job with the government.  This incited corruption from the power vested by a feudal hiring system overflowing to commercial favoritism that refutes attempts for transparency because of the never ending circle that is encompassed by it.

If the EU fails to perform the necessary and proper auditing of Greece both monetarily and morally, then the outcome will be another fubar similar to that of the Greek people paying tax money to support the employees of the now defunct Olympic Airlines.

Unemployment in Greece was at an amazing 9.3% in the 3rd quarter of 2009.  I say amazing because like other statistics that were recently documented by ESYE the statistical department of finance in Greece were proven to be a menagerie of management failures especially when one considers that unemployment is increasing in a country of approximately 11m people.

I believe that the methods used to calculate Greek unemployment do not account for:

  • small businesses that have closed due to the state of the economy do not receive unemployment
  • those who have been unemployed for longer periods because they have simply abandoned searching for work in Greece
  • and also because they have abandoned the assistance from the government unemployment services known as OAED due to the fact that unemployment payments are discontinued after a period of time.

The latest trends show that the Euro has lost roughly 9% of its value since December of 2009 and if the trend continues because of the other countries in the line of fire, then the devaluation of the Euro will be the last concern of Brussels.  Theoretical talks by those who feel that countries not pulling their weight should be pruned will prove to be the disintegration of the European Union.

Governments, a bail out for the country or the people

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updateOver the years that I have lived in the oldest country of Europe, I have seen the two major political parties that formed the government change like a European football match.

The people of Greece have been used like the ball being kicked from side to side and played by the governments for their vote through the promise of guaranteed jobs in the government sector.

The current fiscal fiasco is the result of these governments abusing power and promoting corruption upon the people with results that would be unbelievable if a story was written for a movie.  Now once again, the government of Greece seeks to be saved by its own people and maybe even that of the people of Europe.

It’s not like other European nations or America are without corruption but when a country that has been corrupt seeks salvation from its own people instead of saving itself, then correcting the system with the money from those people is a slap in the face to everyone in the nation.
Another obvious and extreme example of government failure is that of Haiti.

I think that the Greek government might want to consider the following quote by Thomas Jefferson as a starting place to redeem itself and restore the historical reputation and recognition that Greece had.

A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government.

There are many possibilities to bankruptcy both positive and negative with just as many to being unproductive but nations should bear in mind that humanity does not tolerate ineffective recipients of generosity.