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12 Billion Depicts Ineffective Global Tax System

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Taxing Internet Sales

While most people will incorrectly target Apple for the non-payment of taxes, the real fault is the absence of global tax regulations.

We have agreements between countries for social security and even for nuclear weapons but there are no agreements as to management policies and practices of company operations outside the countries of startup.

The country of startup is a misnomer today as anyone can open a company in any country and operate it from anywhere in the world.

The United States, a leader in Internet sales has not produced any regulations even within the fifty states so is it any wonder how a global corporation simply floats along without paying any taxes.  The primary negligence and fault is upon the government as it has procrastinated ever since the beginning of the Internet to resolve the issue.

The accessory to crime is not Apple for not paying taxes but in this case, Ireland for not collecting taxes based on ridiculous laws and the non-existance of a unified European government.

I’ve said elsewhere on my website that the existence of globalization without any proper organization is simply an open ticket for any person or company to do business without any control.  All countries are not equal.

The fact that the United States has recently brought forth again suggestions of taxing Internet sales does displays a misunderstanding that all sales are only withing the country of origin.

A narrow view by governments regarding the issue of taxing sales via the Internet will only increase future problems.

As Internet sales are now channeled through China, more and more consumers are buying directly from them as products are not taxed due to incoherent agreements that will ultimately mean a loss of tax revenue to governments while it continues to destroy job markets.

Here’s Who Pays the Bill for Apple’s Tax Avoidance

NYT Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds

Interesting how the guy on the video never says where the billions have gone.
I wonder if the stock holders are wondering about that too!

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