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Greek Politicians Save 11 Million Euros Killing 17 Citizens

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Seventeen Lives for 11 Million Euros

Greeks suffered a rain storm that created a deluge these past days in various parts of the country.  This is not what someone normally writes about in a blog but in this particular case, I am writing about it to demonstrate that Greek Politicians are Terrorists.

The events that took place this past week display the failure not only of the current government but of all the previous ones.  If the leaders did their jobs and took their responsibility seriously then the loss of sixteen, plus one more life today, and the loss of property, disgust, mortification and humiliation could have been prevented.

Rena Dourou, a member of Syriza, came into her position as the Regional Governor of Athens in the fall of 2014.  At that time she was aware of the problems that various areas have regarding sewerage and storm drainage.  Bids were requested and in the case of the area hardest hit, a proposal to hopefully correct the situation would require eleven (11) million Euros.  Since then Rena Dourou like most of the civil workers did nothing.

Mr. Tsipras recently returned from a meeting with President Trump.  He claimed to have gained an advantage of new jobs for Greeks but the truth is that he decided to go on a shopping spree buying aircraft and upgrades while Greece remains economically in the red, meaning that taxpayers once again would soon feel the pain of having the government attach itself like leeches to suck out whatever savings remain in our bank accounts.

The day after, Mr. Tsipras (I write Mr. because I cannot respect someone who was voted for as a Prime Minister based upon psychological disgust with other political parties) secretly travels to the area of Athens that was destroyed by the deluge to avoid the people.

Mr. Tsipras announced only one week ago that there was a surplus (referred to by him as a holiday bonus) of money in the amount of 1.9 billion Euros that he would allocate to the taxpayers by giving us a "gift" of eliminating one payment of a real estate tax known as ENFIA and returning illegal health insurance contributions.  Once again he lied because less than 800 million will actually be returned to the taxpayers.

One would think that Rena Dourou would (or should) step down by resigning but this is typical among Greek politicians and has not happened and probably will not.

Today many families in the west of Athens have been destroyed by the loss of their homes, their personal property, their self-esteem, and the lives of their loved ones who were found dead because the Greek government did not want to spend eleven (11) million Euros.

What would you feel or do if you had a government with no method of impeachment?

What would you feel or do if you had a government with no method of punishing the leaders of your country?

The Greek government should put these citizens in hotels until the government compensates them or do they have a lower status than the immigrants who have been catered to by Greece because the Greek government is paid by Europe to keep them here.

Another question is whether or not the Greek government will compensate the people or will the Greek courts and law-makers simply dismiss this as an act of nature.

As the economies of most Greeks does not allow them to have insurance coverage, the government usually offers a total of 200 Euros for the destruction of their home from an earthquake.

The Greek government charges all taxpayers a Solidarity Tax.

Does the left wing Syriza even knows what the word solidarity means?

Solidarity, a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group.  This is nothing more than a another way of siphoning more money from over-taxed citizens.

The Greek people must change their beliefs that Greek politicians are a means to their livelihood and must demand that laws made by politicians to protect themselves must be changed and voted upon by the people and not the politicians.


Greeks Clean up, Mourn after Floods Kill 16; 4 Still Missing

Using Overtax Revenues, Greek PM Tsipras Hands Out Holiday Bonuses

Adaptation of the radical rules of Saul Alinsky by Syriza

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Syriza is Destroying Greece

Another concept of a social state that bridges left wing and communist ideas.

"POWER TACTICS" by Alinsky outlined in his 1971 book Rules for Radicals.

Always remember the first rule of power tactics: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

Syriza claims to control negotiations with Europe and the IMF.

The second rule is: Never go outside the experience of your people. When an action is outside the experience of the people, the result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

Syriza creates chaos by interveening in the school system and patriotism.

The third rule is: Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

Syriza promotes fear through the escalation of media with Turkey.

The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

The fourth rule carries within it the fifth rule: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

Syriza continues to humiliate other political parties blaming them for the past while at least half of Syriza is made up of those political parties.

The sixth rule is: A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.

Syriza faults Germany to the Greek people as the controler of economic evil to sustain its position politically.

The seventh rule: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Man can sustain militant interest in any issue for only a limited time, after which it becomes a ritualistic commitment, like going to church on Sunday mornings.

Syriza supports Madoura of Venizuela.  Is it possible that his goal is to make Greece like Venizuela?

The eighth rule: Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

Syriza claims that Greece is progressing and will be completely free of outside control soon.

The ninth rule: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

Syriza fears direct attacks as has happened to Nikos Toskas, minister of Citizens' Protection and Georgios Katrougalos, minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and others.

The tenth rule: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

Syriza eliminates the raising of the Greek flag and national anthem, and morning prayer at schools.

The eleventh rule is: If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside; this is based on the principle that every positive has its negative.

Syriza plan B with Varoufakis still continues to loom with the desire to return to the Greek currency of Drachmae bringing false information and hopes to the Greeks who do not understand the consequences.

The twelfth rule: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. You cannot risk being trapped by the enemy in his sudden agreement with your demand and saying “You’re right — we don’t know what to do about this issue. Now you tell us.”

Syriza along with all other Greek politicians will never admit to being wrong.

The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

The target or competition of Syriza's Alexis Tsipras is Kyriakos Mitsotakis of New Democracy as he is the next possible candidate to lead Greece.

Did you notice that he used the word "enemy" 4 times? It actually refers to anyone that does not agree with his style of leadership.

If the Greeks vote for Syriza or any other left wing political party in the next election then they deserve what will happen to them afterwards.

Syriza, The Coalition of the Radical Left

Greek Gun Laws Fail Child

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Inconsistency of European Gun LawsDuring the years that I have lived in Greece I learned that there are many traditions, so of which were good and others bad.  One of them includes the firing of shotguns at celebrations such as marriage.

Maybe back in the old days this tradition was spectacular and held a fantasy of creating a closeness or bond of the people involved but today it is looked upon as a civil threat.  Many people know that this custom was more common on the island of Crete but many do not know that it happens elsewhere in Greece.

The Greek law on weapons is supposedly very restrictive.  Most weapons sold in Greece are shot guns because the Greek government does not want what they call single bullet weapons being available to the general public.  This does not mean that single bullet weapons or even machine guns are not legally available because the police and specifically licensed citizens carry them.

Gun control, sales, and usage in Greece
Over the years, numerous killings have taken place in Greece, maybe not at the same levels if one likes the use of numbers and statistics as in other countries, but that does not give any killer or killing an exemption.

Now with the economic crisis, the crime rate is soaring, ranging from breaking into homes of the elderly to small groups raiding businesses and stealing safes to break into them offsite somewhere else.  These criminals have guns ranging from pistols to AK-47's.

The effectiveness of the police has been reduced by the cutbacks of the government to the point where police officers have to buy their own bullets.  I have experienced break ins twice at our home and in both cases the police arrived after 40 minutes.

So who does gun control favor in Greece?  The criminals, they buy their weapons illegally and fire them whenever and wherever they please.

A ten (10) year old child was killed while at school in Menidi, Athens the other day, he was in the school yard when a bullet struck him in the head.  Apparently the bullet came from a weapon being shot into the air by someone nearby.

As usual, the government moved forward on the issue after it hit the news sending police to search house to house for the culprit and the weapon.

Gun laws vary from country to country in Europe which reflects the inconsistency of European laws.

Today, the people of Menidi, and other areas, live in fear and who see their area as a threat are now taking the law into their own hands because they fear for their children as well as their own lives.

One has to question the validity of gun laws especially when the threat of violence and outlaws increases.

Stray bullet kills 11-year-old boy during celebrations to end school year in West Athens

Germany Terrorizes Countries Leaving the EU

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German Occupation Will Continue Using the EuroGermany's control of European growth through austerity is in its own favor as it controls the majority of business services and factory production.

Every country in the EU has increased VAT taxes to over 20 percent except Germany which is at 19 percent.  This alone has provided more business to Germany especially for countries that are at the 25 percent level through purchases over the Internet.

I know this for a fact because I ordered a piece of equipment that I found was available here in Athens for about 500 Euros excluding the 24% VAT tax.  Additionally, I asked the dealer to provide a quote for shipping which came to 15 Euros, as I did not want to carry the item from the central Athens market to my home.  At the same time, I ventured to the German Amazon site and found the same item for slightly less amount with the VAT tax of 19%.  The shipping from Germany by a known courier service was nine (9) Euros, believe it or not.

Nowadays it has become extremely difficult for anyone in Greece to make purchases from Europe due to the capital controls stopping credit card transactions.

In the Greek newspaper the BHMA, the business section PROGRESS (ANAPTYXH) this past Sunday there was an article about a study of who would lose if any country considers leaving the EU as Britain has done.

Of course Portugal and Greece would be the top contenders if they decide to leave the EU because they would incur losses of around 50% by returning to their original currency.

The least loss would be Germany roughly losing around 5% which shows that once again they have nothing to fear.

All of the above is why the European Union is a failure.  It was started as an economic union to provide global business throughout Europe which was being conducted even before the EU was establish.

Today the markets are in chaos as more and more businesses have migrated into Germany because of lower taxes along with more Europeans who are immigrating there because they can no longer find work in their own countries.

I do not know the origins of the Greek article but I believe that with France now entering the arena of economic downfall, that this article and its analysis was produced in northern Europe.

Here is a glimpse of the chart.

Greece and Greeks already know the economic brutality that I am sure is felt by other southern European countries, so I welcome the rest of Europe to join us soon as misery loves company!


The following is an article on what Europe has done to destroy Greece.

Open Letter to the People of Greece: You Are Being Slaughtered before the World’s Eyes

Another article from the Economist - Leaving the euro would be devilishly difficult

Greek Elections Now Syriza Must Go

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Corruption in the Political Party of SyrizaThe damage to the Greek economy has become intolerable and yet the left wing political party of Syriza continues to deploy fake news that Greece is progressing.

Social media and fake news have become synonymous and it equates to political bullshit regarding the finances of Greece.

Syriza has manipulated the use of money for the immigrant crisis routing it toward municipalities and using the excuse that it is to help immigrants in different areas when in actuality it is targeted for new employee hiring to once again insure votes for jobs.

At the same time, while Greece's debt is currently around 300 billion, Syriza has asked for another loan to allegedly use for the benefit of the Greek market.  It appears to be another ploy to cover up the current lack of funds while they claim that the Greek market is progressing positively toward recovery.

Are the IMF and the EU auditors turning a blind eye toward this?
Why are the IMF and the EU not seeing the misdirection and misuse of funds?

Could it be that they do not want to admit that the political leaders of the EU are also involved in misdirection and misuse of funds through the non-profit organizations that attain Greek volunteers to do their work?

Why doesn't the EU publish how much money they give to NGO's by country so that everyone can see what is really being spent as compared to how the immigrants are living?

Syriza is producing press releases claiming that the government will close the open issues that the IMF and the EU have requested over the years, once again Euclid Tsakalotos the finance minister of Syriza has announced that the issues will be delayed until April 2017, using the excuse of renegotiation, that will force Greeks into more desperation into 2019.
These excuses have caused continuous drawbacks toward the use of capital by business and the lack of investment.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority known as ELSTAT is supposed to provide up-to-date information about the Greek economy but if you look at their website you will see that the dates of the information provided is months outdated as if they don't have modern computing facilities.

Comparing unemployment based upon the number of applicants that claim unemployment is ridiculous because anyone who is not going to receive benefits simply won't go to declare themselves as unemployed.

Why aren't they including an analysis comparing unemployment using income tax returns where individuals claim no income?

Syriza created a new law, as if Greece didn't have enough of them, giving themselves tax exemptions similar to that of previous political parties!  Are there no politicians that are patriots in Greece?

The following image displays the salary of some Greek politicians.
On the left it shows 89,180 Euros plus additional amounts for:
retirement fund
addition for their children
travel expenses
postal expenses
office expenses
Totaling an addition of 7,431.71 Euros
Of which the following are deducted:
Taxes (monthly with yearly total)
a solidarity levy (monthly with yearly total)
Totaling a deduction of 7,978.56 Euros

In other words, they are paying less than 10% of their total yearly salary towards taxation while on the right shows that regular employees with the same salary pay 37,050 Euros in taxes.
That amounts to 4.6 times more than the Greek politicians.

It is time for Syriza to resign!


Greek statistics

The following link is in Greek.

Funds provided by the EU for immigrants

Greek Tax Authority Cheats Tax Payers

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Greek Tax Authority Cheats Tax PayersHere is why the Greek people do not trust the Greek government and the tax authorities.  The other day I thought myself unfortunate to have to go to the Greek tax authority in my area.  I would later learn that I would actually receive a refund, better late than never.

I caught a discrepancy between taxes charged and my payments.  After collecting the necessary information, I decided to send the Greek tax authority a message through their automated TAXIS system.

The message included every piece of information that would be necessary for a tax agent to make the correction, and then I waited for an answer.

Interestingly, the answer came the next day but the person who responded simply said that they could not make the correction without me going to the tax office.
I expected this was going to be their typical answer.

The next day I visited the tax office with the same information printed from my computer.  I handed the printed page to the tax agent after learning which window I had to go to.  There is no information booth or kiosk at the offices of the Greek tax authority.
The agent ask me to explain even though everything was already written on the paper so I explained very quickly that I issued a payment using the previous month identification codes and therefore it should appear that the tax payment for the previous month was doubled.  The agent began to correct it on the computer screen and then printed 4 pages for the month in error along with the next 2 months, totaling 12 pages of paper.

I was astonished by the ridiculous waste of paper but this is only part of the tremendous waste and abuse of tax payer money that the Greek government continues today.

Then the tax agent instructed that I take the papers to another 2 windows, again the bureaucracy continues to have the paperwork stamped before I could finish.

Now the icing on the cake, at the last window, the tax agent informed me that my wife and I owed no taxes as a result of the payment correction.  Then the tax agent informed me that I have a credit amount of several hundred Euros.

Once again I was astonished as no one in their right mind would give the Greek tax authority more money than should receive.  I asked where did this credit amount arrive from and was told that there was another discrepancy at another time.

If you don't ask questions in Greece, you will never learn what is happening.

I asked when was this credit amount from and the tax agent informed me that it was from 2014.

So in other words, the Greek tax authority made a correction for some difference and never informs the public that they have a credit, they just use our money and don't say anything or issue a refund.  They do not even send you a notification through their computerized tax system.  Don't expect a telephone call or a notice through the mail because they never do that.

I requested the refund of the amount and was told that it could only be deposited into my bank upon providing my IBAN number.

I then asked if the amount included interest for the time that the tax authority had in their bank and was told no.

According to the law of Greek tax authority of 2014, if you owe the tax authority money, they will charge you compound interest of 0.73 percent monthly plus an additional ten (10) percent penalty charge for every two (2) months of delays.

I then asked the tax agent when the money would be deposited into my bank account and the tax agent said within two (2) months.

So the next time that you criticize a Greek for not wanting to pay taxes remember this story.


How debts soar by the tax authorities with the new exhaustive fines - tables and examples in Greek.
Πόσο ανεβαίνουν οι οφειλές στην εφορία με τα νέα εξοντωτικά πρόστιμα - Πινάκες και παραδείγματα

Trickle-Down Economics For or Against the People

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The Trickle-Down Economics Plot Uncovered

Trickle-Down Economics is the term that is causing havoc for the middle and lower class levels of society.

The super rich discuss it, the British have examined it, the Americans, even the Pope, and others are talking about whether or not trickle-down economic theory really works.

According to the BBC report and others the concept is not working and even worse it appears that because government officials were the first to latch on to the idea that the economy today is now deteriorating at a higher pace.

Having a strong background in technology it is easy to understand how some people can amass a fortune using the Internet but there are other markets that have created millionaires and billionaires in almost the blink of the eye.

While I have no qualms against the rich, my distrust of western politicians has risen through education.  Is it any wonder that the status of education is the “dumbing down” of the next generation.

One of the most interesting discussions is between Jacques Peretti and Nick Hanauer who states that even though he is rich, there is no way that he can spend enough of his wealth to influence the economy to the extent that the middle and lower class can.  During the discussion Nick Hanauer refers to plutocrats and says "We used to call it Divine Right – and now we call it 'trickle down'.

The aftermath of the global crash caused by Wall Street along with years of corruption by the Greek politicians brought the destruction of the economy; with austerity as the plan of the EU and the IMF are doing nothing but draining the life from its citizens and businesses.

The current government known as Syriza continues to raise taxes to an extreme while destroying property values thereby closing businesses and increasing unemployment.

The reason I mention the above is that in the show “The Super Rich and US” there is a reference that is very disturbing regarding the purchase of large properties by the super rich that causes the locals of the areas to lose not only their homes but the entire disintegration of the original areas to create new playgrounds for the rich.

Does this scenario predict the investment game that will raze the middle class completely?

There is a valid fear by some of the rich and that is the revolution of the majority.

This is as much an omen to them as the fear of the majority by the idea that they will be able to protect themselves by buying their own army to protect themselves.

There is a very wise ancient Greek saying “παν μέτρον άριστον” Latinized as “pan metron ariston” that translates to all things in moderation.

The solution to the current economic problem is a completely new global tax agreement that will not allow favoritism or give any advantage to any country, politician, or company.


How the rich become richer.

The image above is from the following article by The Independent.

The wealth that failed to trickle down: The rich do get richer while poor stay poor, report suggests

Why attack ‘trickle-down economics?’ It doesn’t exist – and never has done

An interesting TV broadcast on the BBC by Jacques Peretti discussing trickle-down economic theory with various people known as the super rich.  Among those there are some who provide thoughts about the positive and negative side of the decisions by government that support the idea.  After listening to this you decide, after all it maybe your fate as well.

The Super Rich and US

Pope Francis: Liberals love his 'trickle-down' takedown

List of ancient Greek phrases with English Interpretations

NGO or MKO it is Only Money Stupid

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Audit Non-Governmental Organizations NGO or MKOEver wonder what happens to the millions that are shoveled into Non Governmental Organizations that are supposed to be used for charitable causes such as the migrant refugees or other relief funds?

There are as many relief funds as there are governments willing to throw your tax money into the air without blinking an eye.

On the island of Mytilini also known as Lesvos, numerous Non-Governmental Organizations have display themselves as being there to help the immigrants while doing nothing more than having million euro coffee breaks.

While you may think that these are Greek established concerns the majority are from other European countries.  Greece is not alone when it comes to corruption.

Corruption begins wherever the distribution of money is unchecked.

The majority of NGO’s or as they are called in Greece MKO’s is the worse legally authorized scams comparable to receiving Nigerian emails requesting your bank account.

Why are there no set rules for operational costs? The minimum amount of the money that they receive that should be spent on the actually helping the migrant refugees or any other relief cause should be ninety (90) percent.

The NGO’s that are part of the problem will most likely have eighty to ninety (80 to 90) percent of their funds allocated to their wages with ten (10) percent remaining for the cause.

There must be a method to judge the value of what the goal of the organization is and what is actually being spent toward that goal.

I would recommend setting parameters by percentage to maximize its goal for wages and operating expenses versus expenses for the actual relief cause.

Penalties for failure or the improper use of funds must also be stated.

The Greek Version of NGO is known as MKO or Μη Κυβερνητική Οργάνωση.

It began under the guise of an international relief fund and the majorities that are started in Greece do so through strong political connections to share the profits of corruption.

They are quotes within the context that display how badly organized the entire framework of the NGO is such as “every international organization which is not supported by an international agreement” and that the role of the NGO is governed by “large groups”.

NGO's and MKO's should be investigated and audited for compliance.


UNHCR and NGOs: Competitors or Companions in Refugee Protection?

European NGOs

EU approves €700mn Aid package, money to go to UN-Agencies, NGOs & refugees as coupons

US Non-Governmental Organizations

Μη κυβερνητική οργάνωση

Αποκλειστικό: Όλες οι ΜΚΟ, τα ιδρυτικά μέλη και τα ποσά

A Lesson from Immigrants and Ellis for Germany

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Failure of the German RepublicMrs. Merkel displayed her superiority and invited thousands of immigrants from poverty stricken and war torn countries through Europe into Germany.

Now she doesn’t know what to do except to threaten southern European countries with cancelling the Schengen and asking them to pay for her mistake.

In an effort to replace the aging workforce, the German Republic has proven its inability to organize and provide the necessary resources to house, feed, and train, the new immigrants and to show and teach them why they should want to become Europeans.

Today the newscasts show that Germany has abandoned the immigrants on their own leading to rape, theft, and general disorder since the immigrants do not know what else to do.

Here is a lesson from 1892 in the USA that German leaders might want to see.

From January 1st, 1892 and closed in 1954. Immigrants that were accepted into the USA were given a $10.00 gold piece from officials upon their arrival to begin their new life.

People of different cultures and religions trekked across the Atlantic for 2 weeks to reach the new land of opportunity and only those who failed the minimal requirements set forth by the government were sent back.

The organization of the island had to cope with the following during a time period that did not have automatic washing machines, modern cooking facilities, or even the latest in medical care.

A small sample of the resources during the early 1900's of Ellis Island:

  • 750 beds in the Ellis Island Hospital
  • Laundry had over 3000 pieces washed and sanitized daily
  • Wards for the immigrants with infectious and contagious disease
  • Kitchens that fed thousands, not to mention the food
  • Staff housing for the personnel to live on the island
  • A court room for immigrants who were criminals
  • Autopsy room for the dead and a cemetery for those buried, and
  • The staff that recorded the history that provides the ancestry for many Europeans today.

Here is a glimpse of the moving experience of one immigrant.


Author JR, Story narrated by Robert de Niro

Greek subtitles translation by Dias Olymbios

The story of a man who left nothing to find something that would give him hope.

After watching this, is it any wonder why the people of Greece already economically stressed to the point where 3 out of 10 cannot afford to heat their apartments of water for bathing while at the same time they have accepted the humanistic role forced upon them by inept leaders.

It’s time that European leaders start taking responsibility seriously.


Interview with German Finance Minister Schäuble in Davos: 'We Are Running Out of Time for Refugee Solutions'.

Unframed - Ellis Island 2014

Shadows Return to Ellis Island

Facts about Ellis Island that you never knew

European Commission Condones Corruption

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Pasok and New Democracy Default on Toxic Loans

Are you a European?

Do you like giving money to political leaders?

That is exactly what is happening with the money from taxes that you are paying.  The European Commission is writing off loans of the Greek political parties of Pasok and New Democracy.  Could it be doing the same for political leaders in your country?

There has been a tremendous amount of squabbling over Greek loan debts that are considered high risk in the market and the creditors of Greece are demanding resolutions.

The one that has not been mentioned is that of the Greek political parties of Pasok and New Democracy.

While governing Greece over the past thirty years, Pasok and New Democracy took loans from the banks in the amount of over 200 million Euros.

Pasok and New Democracy never repaid loans supposedly for election campaigns and other unknown uses and those debts were simply ignored until now.  Along comes Troika and uncovers a variety of “unhealthy” loans. Those loans include business loans taken by companies that collaborated with the political parties as well as those of home owners that have not been repaid, and considers them as “toxic” debt.  Now Pasok and New Democracy pass their loans problems into the mixture and into the hands of the European Commission to eliminate their own debt.

While the people of Greece suffer through the austerity measures, the European Commission reduces the debt of the same politicians that have brought the country to its economic destruction.

Homes are being auctioned to loan companies willing to take the risk that the home owners will continue to pay or they will lose their homes similar to that which happened in the USA.

Why is it that the members of Pasok and New Democracy are exempt from paying their loans, and why does the European Commission condone this?

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in a local newspaper rather than in one of the major newspapers of Greece.

The European Parliament and Commission associate

in the Debt Erasure of ND and Pasok

Retraction of the question was requested of the Euro Minister Nikos Hountis

Retract the critical question of the Euro Minister of the people's unity, Nikos Hountis, regarding the loans of New Democracy and Pasok, was requested by the services of the European Congress(!)

Mr. Nikos Hountis, because of his question shows, based on evidence, that the European Commission concealed the fact from the European audit and "turned a blind" eye regarding the erasure of debt of New Democracy and Pasok.

The request to withdraw his question, probably in collusion with the commission, expressed by a letter of the Directorate General of the Presidency of the European Parliament, with the reason that, "the commission does not have the jurisdiction under these conditions" and that "the role of the commission is not... public information services for individual loans from one bank, which has been recapitalized with government assistance".

Additionally, Mr. Nikos Hountis was called upon by the European Commission to withdraw the question otherwise he would be subject to expulsion by the President of the European Parliament for his decision of unacceptable conduct or not about the question.

As a reminder that before a month, Mr. Nikos Hountis in his question (D. T. 11/11/2015, “Responsibilities of the Commission for the erasure of the loans of New Democracy and Pasok”) noted that:
“The Commission, in a previous answer of (16.05.2014a) regarding questions by Nikos Hountis and his predecessor T. Skullakakis a Euro Minister, did not mention the fact, that the debt of the political parties (ND and Pasok) has already been deleted, that were under the amnesty of the bank officers.

On the contrary, our assurance to watch the case of the political party loans, expressed word for word: “The nominees to be observed, which have been designated for the Greek banks from January 2013, are watching the procedures to which new loans and the restructuring existing loans of borrowers, including the members of the political parties”.
The Euro Minister requested to be informed by the commission “if the answer then was a product of the lack of or misinformation and not an attempt to deflate the fact, such that it would be in the interest and to protect the then governing parties ND and Pasok.

Mr. Nikos Hountis answering the Directorate General of the Presidency of the European Parliament refused to withdraw his question and simultaneously sent a letter to the President of the E. P. Mr. Schultz, expressing besides that:
“It is unacceptable, in this period of austerity and incredible economic crisis, where the main them in Greece is the “Toxic Debt”, for which thousands of families are now on the streets because of their inability to repay, to theorize as “isolated” and “confidential” loans with a value of 230 million Euros, of the members of the political parties of Greece, to which participated as the most powerful political parties of the European Parliament (the People’s Party, the European Socialistic Party).
[…] It is extremely hypocritical to not want to answer these questions.

The Assistant Minister of Justice Demetris Papaggelopoulos (during the combined government of Samaras – Venizelos) answer the related question of the Minister of Syriza, Christos Karagiannidis, it is basically confirmed a “hidden agenda” from the rostrum of the parliament:

the archive of the case is due to the provision of article 78 of law 4146/2013, to which the essence provides asylum to the president, the members of the board and the bank officers for a category of loans.  …for this part it must be noted that there was another application, to which concerned the loans of ATE (bank) towards the political parties, which however this was linked to the file!”

The current government does not want or prevented Europe from restoring the file.
Why does this show that it was not in the interest of anyone (!) to cover up the 220 million that were “snatched” by ND and Pasok with non-transparent procedures that will be paid by the health of the fool (the people)!

In short, the government and the EC accept that the loans of the Greek politicians can be eliminated simply using asylum that was never voted for by the Greek people.
The word asylum is being misused and infers to people not loans.
The word asylum according to the dictionary means:
1.    A shelter from danger or hardship
2.    A hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
So, which one applies to loans and which to political party members?

Maybe everyone should demand asylum for any loans that they have taken from banks!

A copy of the article in Greek is available from the link below.

Syriza the Experimental Clone of Pasok

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Syriza is Failing as a Political Party

Syriza is a Greek political party that was born out of the frustration of the Greek people in 2014 to make an extreme change to the consistent regimes of Pasok and New Democracy.  They won three elections with unprecedented results that showed the anger of the Greek people towards the other political parties.

The Greek economy was destroyed by the efforts of the previous regimes use of jobs for votes.  Problems included flawed government policies, cancerous corruption and graft, unproductive and costly public sector workers, and an inverse educational system that created a vicious circle forcing the people to pay what was the equivalent to taxation for everyday matters.

Syriza was and may still be viewed as a left wing communist threat by western partners although Italy was under a left wing communist government for many years even though most foreigners did not realize it.

So, what is Syriza doing today?
Since the last election in 2014, Syriza was supposed to negotiate more flexible economic conditions with the European partners but in reality not only has it failed to do so.  The terms that it now agrees to increase the risk of viability for the private sector and therefore the livelihood of the majority.

Yesterday Syriza announced that it will give salary increases of up to 25% to approximately 314,000 public sector workers which will cost an additional 107 million Euros in taxes to the amount that we are already paying while that amount could be used to reduce austerity measures or to benefit the general market.  Syriza is using a political tactic to guarantee jobs and therefore ensure their votes just as their opposition has in the past.

Most recently, Syriza is completing agreements with Germany, the “Capital of Europe by proxy”, that will sell off more of the Greece’s assets that was initiated during the reign of New Democracy and then blaming them.

The political party suffered more criticism this week due to penalizing a street vendor selling chestnuts.  The vendor has not paid for his license and during a check by police was stopped from earning about 30 Euros a day.  During the same period, Euclid Tsakalotos, the Greek finance Minister was quoted as “…we didn’t have time to go after the rich and create a sense of fairness” over unpaid taxes.

Syriza is failing as a political party because it never had a complete mission outlined and is creating the illusion that it is abiding by the wishes of the Greek people and has not accomplished priorities to avoid the lash back of major issues.

Syriza - The Coalition of the Radical Left

Pasok - Panhellenic Socialist Movement

New Democracy

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European Opportunity Lost

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Predestined Dissolution of the EU
It should be obvious to everyone now that Europe has lost the perfect opportunity to finally form a United Europe.  The leaders are so myopic that they could not see through the forest of bad economic and monetary policy what could have been used to finally unite Europe into one nation.

Using the economic failures and short comings of the countries that have are on the edge of economic failure, Europe could have decided to make a change that would have altered the entire structure of the continent, its government, and its people.

Instead of seeing an opportunity, Germany the leading country in Europe only saw the fear of losing profits from the already made bond and loans that they shoveled into the European market.

By taking this path, Germany not only opened the door to increasing the extreme right wing but that of the danger of the extremist immigrants that they assumed would replace their aging work force.

The first victim of atrocities was France but from a strategic point of view why bite the hand of the country that provided entry into the center of your enemy camp when you can delay their demise.

Now that the majority of Europe has seen what has happened in France are they took a stance while trembling to stop the immigration.  The borders are now closed to those immigrants who are not on a mission while those who are will find a way through the maze of openings in the virtual fences, and even Greece will supposedly see a European force to guard its sea borders.

I have not written anything about the Muslims because they are people just like Christians and Jews and in that mixture there are both good and bad.

The southern Europeans will now pay the price of European mismanagement.
They will be forced to endure their own economic problems while accepting the additional burden of immigrants and refugees.

Europe has already begun marketing the idea as a “remember when the people of your country immigrated to other nations” to create the illusion of being Christian and charitable.  This will only increase the frustration of the already existing unemployment conditions; will only serve to increase tensions and possibly bring the EU to its predestined dissolution.

My toast for the New Year will be “To the dissolution of the EU and its ineptitude!”