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Is Transcendence the Ultimate Search Machine?

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Science Fiction and Immortality
Transcendence is a perspective into the possibility of immortality through digitization.

Dr. Will Caster played by Jonny Depp develops a method of digitizing the mind of a person to produce a technological omniscient sentient version of himself.

Another story that comes to mind is “Colossus the Forbin Project”.  This story produced in 1970 instills the idea that machines will rule mankind.

As with many sci-fi movies and TV shows, the end result is like that of the classic Frankenstein, man-made terror supersedes the unanticipated.

Max Headroom, played by Matt Frewer, is a British-produced American satirical science fiction television show produced in 1985.  The story line is about a reporter, Edison Carter, that dies and transcends into a digitized form ending up cruising the wave lengths of power lines through to television.

At the time of his death he encountered a road barrier with a sign above stating “MAX HEADROOM 2.3M” that is the only thing that he can remember in his digital form and that becomes his new identity as a television character.

Today we hear about the machines that Google and Bing use to accumulate gazillions of bytes of data that seamlessly help find what you are looking for but at the sametime feed the corporate machine to learn everything about you.

But what about character or conscience?
Will computers transcend the abilities of the human brain?

Stay tuned to this channel as you pass through the Twilight Zone of life.

Colossus the Forbin Project

Original British Edition - Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future

God Blacklisted By Credit Organization

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Credit Organization Must Seek Forgiveness
It’s not everyday that God is blacklisted but in this peculiar case a man with the given name of God is being refused credit by Equifax.

According the report, link below, New York businessman named God is suing Equifax for stating that he has no financial history after its system rejected his name.

This is a power play by a credit organization against a person having a name given to him or her by either parents or a Godfather or Godmother and, who stated that he was named after his grandfather.

The worse part of this is that the banks are basically telling this person to change his name.  What about all those people whose names are Jesus or Mary?

It sounds to me like the credit organizations are role playing as God’s when demand that a person has to change his or her name to be acceptable.

The usual credit organization motto is that a customer with no credit history as a risk because there is no record of whether they are good at keeping up with repayments.

Just because we now live in a more digital world does not mean that there are people who simply do not want to be a file number simply because they have no credit history according to the gospel of the unholy credit organizations.

Hopefully God will win the case and show the credit organizations and banks what a real act of God is.

Man named God sues Equifax after it refuses to give him a credit rating because of his unusual name

Samaras Changes Corruption into Taxation

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Greek Economic Surplus Deflates
In an effort by the Greek government to beguile the Greek people again, Mr. Samaras and Mr. Stournaras issue reports to the news media that numerous tax frauds are being caught as a marketing ploy for the upcoming elections.

Greece announces that it has a one billion euro surplus!

Almost everyday we hear news reports about how many billions of taxpayer money has been stolen through corruption scandals, illicit unguaranteed loans, and kick backs, but the Finance Ministry has only managed to collect 100 million to date.

Troika courageously defends its lenders by insisting that Greek salaries must be lowered.  They are now claiming that the Greek retirement of 900 Euros is even more than the German of 800 Euros but what of the Greek salaries which were always lower than German salaries.  This is only a fraction of the problems within the European framework.

At the same time, Troika does nothing to spur the government to collect stolen monies.

The latest rash of government theft has been uncovered as NGO’s.  Millions if not billions have been literally given away by the government for unaudited projects.
According to Greek investigators, they do not even know to whom or how much was given for projects the majority of which were imaginery.  The Greek investigators announced that George Papandreou and Kostas Karamanlis are responsible for the creation of the organisation.

Greece’s tactics have changed. The Greek government changed the meaning of stealing from the people by changing the term to taxation.

A friend of mine was recently assessed three thousand euros as taxes by IKA the equivalent of social security in Greece.
He was lied to by an employee that insisted that he make a declaration that his home was completely finished in 2009 when in fact it was only finished in 2013.
As a result, instead of paying 600 Euros he is now forced to pay 3,000 Euros and told that he would be given the benefit of paying it on installments with interest over 3 years.
The fact that government employees lie to the people is nothing new and in this case it only proves one typical situation, increase funds to show positive results for the upcoming elections.

Reciprocation is not equal

When my friend retired from his job, he was issued his retirement pay one year after filing for the retirement.  He did not receive any interest on the amount for the year that he waited to receive his retirement, nor could he work because once a person files for retirement in Greece they are immediately required to submit their resignation.

Greek logic never dies
While Greece demands that people collect receipts to supposedly fight corruption the Finance Ministry motivates the people to throw the receipts away.  The reason for this is that they have eliminated any tax benefit to who else, the wage earners and those on retirement.  By doing so there is no reason for anyone to amass more than the 25 percent of receipts needed to file their tax returns.

While all this goes on, the news media presents a Greek football (soccer) team that celebrates buying a new player for 200 million Euros.

If there were any real justice in this country, the jails would not be large enough to hold all of those responsible and guilty.

There is no justice in Greece!

Greece’s Rich Plundered Bank

Germany’s Reparation Debts to Greece By Karl Heinz Roth

Secret Athens Report: Berlin Owes Greece Billions in WWII Reparations

3 reasons why Greece's budget surplus is a mirage

Political minefield

Another NGO

Depravity of the World Economic Situation

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IMF Makes a Global Statement

I was reading the latest Forbes magazine about Billionaires.  According to the magazine their total value is equal to 5.4 trillion US dollars shared by a few hundred individuals.

I am not making a statement against the rich but it is obvious that the system is broken as if someone plays a game of lotto and knows how to beat the system again and again.

Just as it is not the fault of companies making billions and not being taxed, the same applies to the rich; it is the system that is broken. The worse part is that no leaders want to admit it or to correct the problem.

The fact is that governments have fallen on their faces and that global markets are not in equilibrium.  The OECD named this problem Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.

This is creating an extremist situation that as Mrs. Laguarde is bringing the social fabric of society to disaster.  In Europe, this is already being seen as right wing “Nazi” parties are developing at a rapid pace.

If you did not hear the speech by Mrs. Laguarde on the BBC then you may want to read the text (link below) that is easier to analyze for anyone that wishes to understand the depth of the content discussed otherwise the video (link below) is available.

Mrs. Laguarde gave the best speech that I have recently heard or read as a leader in managment regarding changes that not should but must be made to correct the depravity of the world economic situation.

The only facts that I did not hear were any references to the OECD or their recent release of the BEPS Action Plan that are supposed to correct the mistakes of the international tax rules created by the OECD regarding corporations while doing business in other countries and not paying any taxes.  The current situation is that the original goal of the OECD was to supposedly stop double taxation on corporations.

This in itself is not a solution to the problem simply because it does not solve the issue of the fair distribution of corporate taxation.  The problem of double taxation could easily be solved by each country through their own tax methods.

In essence, people world wide are paying outrageous taxes due to the unfair distribution and taxation, and the failure by government leaders to effect global laws including taxation.

Country leaders put the carriage in front of the horse when they opened the global economy.

A New Multilateralism for the 21st Century: the Richard Dimbleby Lecture

In text speech by Mrs. Laguarde on the BBC

Video speech by Mrs. Laguarde on the BBC

OECD explanation of what the BEPS Action Plan is supposed to do

Ideas from the task force of Greece

A discussion of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax planning, and tax dodging.

Shaking the Corruption Tree

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Corrupt Bankers Begin to Tumble
Like the storyline from the “The Wolf of Wall Street” and it is about time that the people stop paying taxes for money that is being stolen by bankers and politicians.

While Greeks are living the nightmare of a crisis, they are seeing an organizational tree that is starting to depict the connections between political leaders and the golden boys.  The bankers have not only been consulting the government but hiding money by lending it as unsecured loans to others and even themselves.

Like a lineup of the "Most Wanted", bankers are finally starting to fall after the arms bribery scandal involving Greek businessman Panayiotis Efstathiou and Apostolos Kantas deputy head of procurements of the Greek Defense Ministry along with former chiefs of staff of the Greek Army and Navy.  Other banks connected by the bankers include the Proton Bank and Millennium Bank.  It is beginning to look like a “connect the dots game”.

The connections of the Hellenic PostBank also known as TT, PostCredit, and the bankers and Greek and Cypriot businessmen are also pointing towards leaders like Karamanlis and Papandreou.

The first response of any political leader is that every accusation is based upon dirty politics.

Many still await an answer as to why the political parties that were given loans in millions have not accounted for the money nor have they paid it back to the banks meaning that the Greek people are paying for this as stolen money through unfair taxation to mask the cloaking of embezzlement.

What this proves is that auditing in Greece is ineffective where lack of independence exists.

Imagine how cold-blooded and inhuman these people are that they can watch as poverty in Greece increases  and causes people to live without heating and other Greeks are forced migrate to other countries to find work to support their families that remain to live in dire conditions.  In the end, the news history will prove that the leaders are to blame and not the Greek people.

Hope that your nation’s leaders are not doing the same!

Three Arrested, Twenty-Five Charged in Greek Bank Fraud

Chew Marks on $4 Million Has U.S. Seeing Shaggy Dog Story

Germany Probes Greek Arms Sales

Prosecutor Orders Probe of EU Funds

We Are Greedy and Asocial: Corruption Continues Virtually Unchecked in Greece

Get Your Greek Arrest Scorecard Right Here!

The NSA is my Big Brother

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The NSA, EU, and Personal Privacy

We read almost daily how people want their personal privacy protected from the “Big Brother” in every country.

The minute a person registers to join a social network such as Facebook or Twitter or a business network like Linkedin they willingly provide information that discloses who the person is, what their likes and dislikes are, who are their relatives and friends are, and even their political preferences, why do they question whether they have personal privacy.

There are many users who allow anyone and everyone to be their friend on Facebook to show that they have billions of friends but what happens when one or more of those so-called friends happen to be a terrorist or criminal?

What I find ridiculous about the social generation is the lack of real social behavior.

Before all of these online social networks appeared, people actually took the time to write a letter, now it’s a sentence of five words on a mobile phone if you are lucky.

Anyway, as an information technologist I agree that we do not like or want governments recording or tracing our personal information but to actually say that people can stop them from intruding and extracting that information is impossible.

Anyone who lives in a country that is required to complete any piece of paper, documents that they exist and leaves bread crumbs for others to follow.  In the past it might have been a utilities bill, a credit card, or even a resume.  The use of any mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet, or even a desktop almost always leave information that you provide to search engines and social networks.

The only difference in data accumulation today from the past is that it is easier and faster to do.

Ever notice how after you searched for something that those annoying advertisements appear showing either the same or similar products or services.
Internet users can stop cookie tracking when users can easily delete unwanted browser cookies using free software periodically.

The real dilemma for governments is how to exclude a citizen or a foreigner as a possible threat to a country?


NSA reform panel: Foreigners actually have privacy rights, too!

Greek Politicians Disclose 2012 Income

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Greek Politicians are Disgraceful

Yesterday the πόθεν έσχες, prounounced pothen esches, which means net worth of the assets of Greek politicians was disclosed here on the news.

According the news in Greece, the incomes and net worth for the year ending 2012 of Greek politicians was disclosed causing uproar again.   The audit did not disclose how the assets were acquired as many of the politicians have businesses to supplement their income while others do not.

Antonis Samaras reported the amount of 99,854 Euros as income and 6 properties, as Prime Minister, and the leader of his party, New Democracy.

George Papandreou reportedly increased by 180,000 Euros.
I wonder if they investigated how he paid the rent of the apartment in New York as other newspapers reported that he was earning 30,000 USD from speeches at universities.
Maybe the IRS should have a look at some of these people too.

Evangelos Venizelos reported the amount of 94,309 Euros as income and 11 properties along with 27 bank accounts in Euros, US Dollars, and British Pounds, as the leader of his party, Pasok.

Alexis Tsipras reported the amount of 72,330 Euros as income and 1 property as the leader of his party, Syriza.

Panos Kammenos reported the amount of 86,088 Euros as income and 2 properties, as the leader of his party, Independent Greeks.

Nikos Michaloliakos reported the amount of 86,088 Euros as income and an interest in multiple properties, and as the leader of his party, Golden Dawn.

Fotis Kouvelis reported the amount of 88,735 Euros as his income and 15 properties, as a leader of his party, Dimar.

Aleka Papariga, KKE, reported the amount of 70,612 Euros as income she once declared that she only had 50 Euros in the bank has 32 cents Euros, while her 2 sons attend college in the USA.

Another has 56 homes, and another bought an apartment in London for over 1 million Euros.

Meanwhile, a family with 5 children in drapetsona has no electricity and no heat, along with a few thousand other families.

The average salary in Greece in 2012 dropped to 500 Euros per month according to the government but the reality is that the majority of the people are not being paid even that.

Life is wonderful in Greece in 2013!

Translation of the news story from Greece by Google
The title of the story translated by Google is completely wrong so I will title this story as The Greatest Political Partying in Europe!

Everything But MPs Salaries is Falling Apart

The Rise and Fall of the US Dollar of A

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New Political Tactics Procrastination and Delay
The world is saved, President Obama celebrates, politicians around the world utter a sigh of relief, and citizens are totally disgusted by the appalling lack of directly tackling the real problem.

The republicans and democrats are thinking, great now we can all get back to our everyday routine of doing nothing to solve the now non-existent 17 trillion dollars scam that was created and abused by presidents of the USA over the years.

Meanwhile, government services continue to decline while creating ridiculous logic in areas of immigration, health, and social services, China proposes a global currency, the EU is headless and clueless in the decision process, and the world simply spins out of control.

What ridiculous logic?  How about:
An American married to a foreigner attains a green card for his spouse along with a social security number and the spouse is not allowed to have a bank account in the USA while at the same time some foreigner with a work visa is.

Try calling an American embassy and find yourself on hold for two (2) hours or being disconnected even after going through the automated push buttons.  It is almost impossible to speak to someone there and even if you want to simply go to the embassy, you are told to make an appointment, go figure!

A veteran friend of mine from WWII, yes that’s World War #2, who is 90 years of age has stopped receiving his military retirement pay.  After numerous attempts to contact via email and telephone to offices in Washington, he is still using his savings to survive.  Even though he survived freezing cold, bad food, and his life while fighting the Nazis, the sad part is that bureaucracy will probably kill him.

An American married to a foreigner decides to travel to the USA.  The spouse has a green card and has a minor accident to which they go to a public hospital.  At the hospital they are told that the spouse cannot be treated without paying.  The American in his tells the hospital staff that if his spouse came into the USA illegally that she would not have been declined.  The hospital staff agrees and advises them to go to a private hospital.

Sadly, the list goes on and on but no one in the government appears to be listening.

The US government continues to send money to countries around the world in the name of “improving relationships” while cutting money from one real source of intellect – education while criticizing Americans as being uncreative, unimaginative, and without lazy.

If other countries aren’t feeling warm and cozy by having America as a business partner then they never will.

I remember the song by Steppenwolf, Monster that was popular during the 70’s and especially during the Vietnam War as it described the government.

Here are some verses from the lyrics:

The spirit was freedom and justice
And it's keepers seem friendly and kind
It's leaders were supposed to serve the country
But now they won't pay it no mind

'Cause the people got fat and grew lazy
Now their vote is like a meaningless joke
You know they talk about law, about order
But it's all just an echo of what they've been told

America where are you now?
Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
Don't you know we need you now
We can't fight alone against the monster

The monster to me currently being greed, corruption, bad education, pacification, and allowing criminal of the financial sector to buy justice.

Monster Lyrics by Steppenwolf

Greek Beggars Can Be Choosy

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Greek Diaspora Investors Still Do Not Understand Greece
Greece’s financial crisis is far from over and while Greece calls for help from investors whether those investors are Diaspora or not, the objective of the Greek government is undefined and is an everyday example of the reality of life in Greece.

While reading the Kathimerini Sunday Economic section of the newspaper, I came across this article that was placed on the back of the last page of the paper regarding a meeting that took place in 2010.  Odd that it is now being published!

The title of the article translated from Greek is “We are not interested in investments of 50 Million”, Kathimerini October 13, 2013.
That is the unacceptable and incredibly stupid attitude and mentality the Greek government has chosen as its strategy.  Of course, if you think about it, the politicians of Greece are not interested in the people of Greece but prefer to keep their political standing by looking for funding that will not be scrutinized by investors so that they can manipulate the funds the way that they have been doing all along.

Does anyone wonder why the majority of the Greek people are so angry?
Why shouldn’t they be when they are being squeezed of their life savings and while their property values have dropped more than 50 percent, and is now being subject to confiscation, not for those who are committing fraud but by those who have not?

Isn’t it time that the Greek Diaspora wake up and see that the only way Greece will change is by applying financial pressure, and this is the time, to force change upon Greek politicians?

Instead the article deliberates that the infamous George Papandreou drags the Archbishop and the Greek ministers, Demetris Droutsas, Pavlos Geroulanos, and Georgos Petalotis to create a meeting with the successful Greek Americans for fund raising.  I suppose that Mr. Papandreou chooses American Diaspora over others first to bolster his own interests.  They persuade Greek American tycoons Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, Andy Manatos, George Tsouni, Dean Mitropoulos to meet and promote the idea of investing in the Greek myth to save the “patrida” – homeland.
After convincing these business people, they arrange to meet in Athens where the Greek minister Haris Pampoukis explains the “fast track” investing.
The final blow comes when Haris Pampoukis basically tells the investors that they are wasting the time of the ministry because the ministry wanted to talk about investments of 500 million and not 50.

I guess that beggars can be choosy. I can think of many colloquialisms that are applicable to what I am writing here but I will spare readers the banality.  I think that what the reader should understand is that there is an over bloated public sector that needs to be trimmed immediately.  That is the only solution to reduce the public debt and to force the government to stop its votes for jobs strategy that is destroying the lives of thousands of Greek people not to mention the number of suicides that have already happened.

While my opinion may appear harsh and possibly detrimental towards benefiting the Greek people, I feel that there is no other method of deposing the current system of corruption.

Greek Joke of the day

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Greek American Economist Dreams
Yesterday while I was watching the Greek news reports, SKAI announced that George Papandreou was consulting the government of the USA on how not to go bankrupt.

Isn’t it time someone told Mr. Papandreou that he is a failure?

Papandreou Consults the USA on Bankruptcy

Re-Industrializing America

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Bringing jobs back to countries
The Industrial Revolution of the early 1800’s were a booming era for America that spread to other countries producing what are today known as the leading western countries of the world.  During the grand idea of globalization, the lack of forethought destroyed the internal production of the USA giving it to other countries.

The people of the USA have started the second Industrial Revolution to prove that demand outweighs the idealism that globalization was so quick to breed.

I recently watch the PBS videos Commanding Heights on the ideas that lead to the world trade agreements to form free markets worldwide.  I found the videos provide the most accurate, interesting, and controversial facts that I have seen regarding the economic crisis, who you are really voting for on Election Day, what is happening worldwide, the mistakes of globalization, and what the politicians and other influences hope to achieve.

The only flaw that I found is that I have not seen the documentaries translated into multiple languages to help people from other nations understand the reality.

After watching the video, I can say that as far as Greece is concerned the video displays many of the factors that have already occurred and that are currently happening in Greece today including the explosion of Nazism and fascists that have spawned from political decisions or more likely incorrect decisions.  Interestingly Jeffrey Sachs who is in the videos will be in Greece tomorrow.

The imperfections and mistakes of globalization occur because the basis of the ideas were never spread globally before attempting implementation.

These are the ideas of western nations using economists to guide nations as to what is going to happen whether good or bad regarding the “free” world open markets is not the problem.  The real problem is when the president or prime minister elect takes the advice given to him or her by economists and then alter parameters to satisfy the one percent rather than the majority.

Some say that globalization is here to stay; I say that whether we like it or not we simply have to work with it or around it.

American Made - A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories

The Public Broadcasting (PBS) has produced these videos for Commanding Heights that are educational and that should be watched by anyone that wants to better understand the world that they live in.

The storyline of the three videos that lead up to what has happened and what is happening in some countries today.

The three videos that are available:

  • The Battle of Ideas
  • The Agony of Reform
  • The New Rules of the Game

Historical Greek Genealogy Records Destroyed

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Greek Politicians Destroy Genealogy Records in Mytilini Greece
When we think of a painting by Picasso or Rembrandt or another famous painter, we think of their monetary value more than their historical value but in essence the two characteristics are entwined and that is what makes them more precious.

What can be said of historical records from Greece whether they are from the times of antiquity of Sophocles or whether they are a part of your Greek ancestry centenary?

The loss of any historical record from Greece or anywhere is a terrible loss of value to anyone, not only those interested in history, and especially that which records your family history.

A fire at one of the Greek archives of the city of Mantamados, Mytilini in 2011 lost years of family records of Greek lineage.  This is just one example that the failure of leadership in Greece displays as a result of their abuse of public funds that brought on the Greek economic crisis instead of taking measures to protect the archives.

How much value does Greek heritage have compared to creating and installing a fire prevention plan or placing them in safe dry storage areas is incomprehensible for Greek politicians.  I have seen documents dating back to the 1700’s that are unprotected and left to decay into disintegration or be destroyed by humidity or rodents.

It’s a wonder that any Greek family documents survive when one sees the ravaging ways and environment that they are stored.

One can only hope that the years to come will prove to be more productive for the record keeping in Greece.  The technology is here to prevent disasters like the above from happening; it is simply a matter of applying them.

Greek families from Mantamados loose generations of genealogy