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Greek Political Terrorists Predict the End of Greece
The Greek election campaigns began with Political Terrorism.  The current party in power now holds a gun to the temple of the people for the first time telling them that they will be responsible for the destruction of Greece if they vote for Syriza.

Televisions and radio carry the threat by the banal political parties.  Their advertisements depict the young, the middle aged, and the elderly speaking with Mr. Samaras and Mr. Venizelos spewing phrases telling the people that their promises are the “truth” and that they “continue their truths” from the last thirty years that they have proven otherwise from the amount of corruption that we have seen and heard on the news and that which we cannot even imagine.

The feeling among the Greek people is simple, if the current party in power is trying so hard to sway us against Syriza, then they must be afraid and hiding what they have done and been doing for the last thirty years.

Now Greek citizens are confronted with a left wing political party that promises to do what the others have not.  To actually bring to justice those who have robbed the people of Greece not only through tax evasion but through kick backs that the people have also paid for through their taxes.

Who would you believe when at the sametime there is no one to protect you either way!

The news fails to iterate analytically that only those who were or are receiving a pension or a wage as an employee, which are the majority, were paying taxes while those who had their own companies or were politicians avoided or delaying the payment of taxes and at the same time others were tax evading.

At the same time, the television newscasts continue to uncover discoveries of millions of Euros that are either hidden in Greece or in banks abroad by politicians and their cohorts.

Meanwhile, the government claims that they have no money but spend it traveling throughout the country and on numerous mudslinging television commercials even though the people are saying that they should have limited their campaign spending.

New Democracy and Pasok claim that if Syriza, who is currently leading at the polls, wins that Greece will self-destruct.  The same commercials depict the poor leadership by the current party from the use of psychology to terrorize the people.

Who will win this Sunday and what will happen is anyone’s guess.

The mottos of the political parties: (no particular order or preference)
Syriza – Moving Greece Forward and Changing Europe

New Democracy – We tell the truth, we guarantee the future

Pasok – We hold responsibility high

Potami – Let’s Change Greece
They describe 99 points of change for Greece

KKE – Power to the People

There are others, too much in fact, that are a waste of time and the people’s resources.

Quotes that politicians should heed:
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. Aesop

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. Aristotle

Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory. Sun Tzu


List of political parties in Greece

ECB’s Statistical Data Warehouse

List of countries by external debt

Greece: Financial Position in the IM Fund as of December 31, 2014

The General Archives of Greece and Greek Genealogy Research

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Researching Greek Genealogy through the General Archives of Greece

I had the opportunity this past week to see an exhibition of the General Archives of Greece (GAK) that is celebrating their first 100 years.

The exhibition was at the Eugenides Foundation located on Sygrou Avenue in Athens Greece. The Eugenides Foundation houses the planetarium and a terrific library that has both English and Greek books, magazines, and more. It is one of the oldest and serious organizations that promote education in Greece.

If you are researching historical facts, the GAK has offices located throughout Greece. Their personnel are knowledgeable and friendly. I have found them to be very helpful when searching for historical ancestry of the Greeks.

The Greek archive records include lists, magazines, photographs, letters, and documents pertaining to individuals and companies. Some of them include letters from the family of the ex-king, and others are in various languages.

The information that one can find is limited to the area and the time periods due to war, earthquakes, etc. but it is very interesting and can provide a variety of ways to discover information about individuals from their school to work.

Using historical materials from the GAK in your search for Greek ancestry is especially helpful because many older documents maybe available through them whereas they may not be in the local Greek services.

Here are some photographs of the archive materials that I saw.

Photographs from the Greek archive records collection

Eugenides Foundation

General Archives of Greece

Blood is Declared Valuable and Taxable in Greece

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Taxation of Greek Blood Donors

Well its time to give the Greek Ministry of Taxation the Flying Fickle of Fate Award for outstanding stupidity.

For those of you that know who remember the show Laugh-in with Dan Rowan and Dick Martin will appreciate this as the Greek government steps in their own dung again.

Aparently the finance ministry is looking for money anywhere it can get it so badly that it is willing to tax blood donors because they believe that the gesture of giving blood is valuable enough to be taxed.  I am really surprised that they only targeted the blood donors and not those who receive the blood.   Ooops, I guess that I better not say that otherwise they just might do that.

The blunders of the Ministry of Taxation in Greece now resound once again as they announced to taxpayers that they could now correct the mistakes of the real estate or property tax known as ENFIA.

Due to the failure to properly train accountants from the very start of imposing the requirement of a declaration of property in 2005, every property owner will now be required to visit either their accountant – tax preparer or one of the offices of the tax department along with a mechanical engineer and maybe a lawyer or notary to support the corrections necessary, and of course pay for the mistakes made by the government again.

I will also mention the fact that the government required the submition of the notorious form E9 from everyone because they simply lost a large batch of them years ago.

Remember Doctors that the next time some minister ends up on the operating table in a Greek hospital, ask them to pay for the blood or else!

Reference in Greek:

Φόρος… αίματος για τους εθελοντές αιμοδότες!

Enjoy a show from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In in this video that Goldie Hawn playing the dumb blond and Arte Johnson appears as well.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

What Happens When Your Country is Declared Bankrupt

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Country Bankruptcy ExposedWhen the financial crisis finally exposed all the inequities and corruption of the Greek government and its system, now known as Kleptocracy, I began to search for information about other countries to learn about their experiences in economics was global or not.

I have experienced firsthand what it means for the people of the bankrupt country of Greece to live everyday while also seeing what happened to Cyprus.

At the university, some students study accounting, economics, and taxation but those studies never delve into the abyss of country bankruptcies or the class (lower, middle, upper) inequalities, and the effects of taxation.

Countries or should I say political parties are now looking at what happened to Venezuela, Greece, and Cyprus and analyzing how those scenarios apply to their own.

Assigning blame won’t solve a problem that has accumulated over years of ignorant or blatant stupidity; it will only delay solutions.  The answers are incredibly difficult and require leadership and foresight to avoid falling into economic despair.

Which path to take?
The real questions are how much are you willing to lose and whether you can afford to lose your life’s work and savings.  This is where the decision makers that include the country politicians, the IMF, and Troika step in to take that decision away from the people.

One path
Fast or slow market death and therefore increased unemployment and poverty.
Increased unemployment equals less spending.
Less spending equals businesses closing.
Business closing leads to Government ownership of businesses.
This decision was applied in Greece and has developed into a vicious circle that requires some form of investment injected into the economic stream that will hopefully produce a positive economic result.

Another path
Immediate reduction of individual wealth and assets regardless of class, which is what was decided for Cyprus by OTHERS.

Both paths saved the countries fictitiously.  They are not governed their own citizens but by the EU, the IMF, Banks, and even the OECD.
Both countries are expected to struggle into the year 2020 under a global economy that is already showing signs of unanticipated problems.

What’s the difference?

The differences are how fast or slow an economic death do you want to face when businesses close.  Savings accounts are drained to pay taxes and to repay loans from the countries that your country is borrowing from but to also feed government bloat by employees that continue to be the primary cause of the problem.

Should the fight bring politics into the solution?
If you have classified yourself as being a left, center, or right wing politically do you really think that this applies when the axe falls?  The problem is a financial one that requires proper management of government and all that government encompasses including assets, money, and human resources.

The justification by politicians is that you voted for them and what they did is therefore your responsibility.  This is true but was the decisions made with complicity or innocence.

This is a fight for your well being, both psychologically as well as financially, not to mention that what you have toiled over the years to amass could disappear over a weekend.  Why a weekend?  That’s when the banks close and you find that a percentage of your money has been confiscated on Monday morning for the good of the country that created the problem in the first place.

Should government employees be judged?
If you bring politics into the fight then each political party will produce their own verborhea (a diarrhea of the mouth) to justify their decision making.

My opinion is that it depends on the country.  In Greece the political parties hired employees to insure their votes and therefore my opinion is that the majority should be dismissed.  A proposal has been created to objectively rank government employees but they do not want to accept that simply because they fear it will be used by each of the political parties that they do not belong to as a power struggle.

What are they to do after losing their jobs?  The only answer that I can give is that they return to farming from which they came in the first place.

The outcome
Greece has not succeeded in positive change as yet and if it does not, then the people will be forced to participate in a war lead by civilians rather than a humane solution.

As an example, the government initiated a real estate tax that should be based on property valuation but is actually based on what the government wishes to collect to continue the use of a vote for job campaign.  This is a farce that is devised to show foreigners that the government is changing methods of the past but in actuality this means that as they increase their spending it will increase the amount of taxes that property owners will pay thus creating a mirage of change.

The percentage of corruption in a country will determine how much its citizens will suffer from the sins of the father’s.

Economic recovery in a problematic global economy is difficult; add the fact that other countries become the sharks circling to take advantage of migrating citizens; add whatever services or products you produce reduced in price, and the outcome of positive economic results are strenuous.

Class structure is destabilized by the failure of legislation to create and enact fair taxes in a global environment.

I hope that my opinion and this information will shed some light to those who foresee their own country heading into economic doom or help citizens to understand how important it is to have the right people to vote for during elections, and why education is the basis for better decisions by citizens.



The OECD defines the quality of agricultural products to reduce product pricing to make them more affordable without consideration of quality.  The quality of food, especially in Greece, is correlated to the longevity and quality of health.  Are organizations contradicting the health issues?



Surviving Thirty Years in Greece

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Moving into the next decadeToday is the first day of the rest of my life, well not really.  I have just closed thirty years of living in Greece while at the same time I celebrate my sixtieth birthday, that’s 60 years young in mind, although I can’t say whether or not the body will agree with that any more.

It all started as an idea that living in Europe would enhance the biographical profile of my resume.  I thought that I would venture into the realm of European Business and learn multiple languages that would eventually increase my net worth as a business partner through networking.  It did not and if you are one of those considering something similar, don’t bother especially if you live in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia.

I have managed to learn Greek, not just the curse words and phrases, and a few other languages that I rarely use such as Italian, and even tried improving my Spanish, but the culture shock is extremely difficult.

Greeks and Europeans continue to strive in a lifestyle that resembles living in medieval times while using smart phones and tablets on their merry ways to work and market.

Looking back over the years since 1983, I have seen many changes in Greece:
Street signs and maps that actually allow you to find where you want to go.
Traffic lights now operate 24 hours a day.
The banana status; where once upon a time only the wealthy bought bananas.
We used to call ourselves millionaires when we used the Drachmae.
We may soon become billionaires if we exit the Euro.
Every street corner now has a third world foreigner looking for a hand out.
Gypsies have disappeared from the street corners.
The price of a souvlaki has increased a million percent.
You can sit at a cafeteria for few hours, used to be a day, after ordering one coffee.
The average Greek person is now two times larger (fast foods?) in size.
Hardly anyone drinks tap water.
The stores are larger; services are chargeable and almost useless.
The government now uses the English term “fast track” but new business startups still have to wait.
The majority of small businesses are now closed.
Answers to email are still as slow as snail mail.
Government services use the FAX even if they have an email address.
Taxes are filed via the Internet but they will not email you about upcoming payments or other pertinent information.
The sale of make-up has increased about one thousand percent.
Greek women all want to be blondes.
Oh yea, America thinks that it is technologically advanced.
And finally, I am a year older.
Hysterical isn’t it, if you don’t laugh at this list then you are probably crying.

Sadly, the one most important change that has not taken place is that of kleptocracy.

As with all things over so many years, there have been both the good and bad that can change our lifestyles and form the basis of future decisions.  Being human we try to forget those who we have lost and remember the happier moments in our lives.

The best thing that happened to me over these years is my wife, what’s her name, who I met in Greece and who I have been with for 24 years now, OMG!

Thanks to my friends in Greece who help keep each other sane.  I have managed to survive 30 years of life in Greece.

Anyway, a Happy Birthday to me!

Social Networking is a Misnomer

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Chit Chatting is Not Socializing!Some of you may have heard that the use of Facebook and other so-called social websites are on the decline.  The reasons include the recent news about the NSA spying and others but I believe another reason is that of the lessening of real communication between people.

We now have the ability to have face-to-face video discussions using voice via Skype or Google Talk (through Gmail), iChat a proprietary video and chat tool for the Mac much like Windows Live Messenger is for the PC (personal computer) and Empathy for Linux are communications programs included or available at no additional cost.  Even face-to-face video calls on Facebook are possible by installing some additional software.

Have You Talked – Chit Chatted With Your Children Today?
Probably what you most likely received as an answer from them was about three words in total through your Facebook page or via SMS on your cell phone.

This is not communication; it is the loss of passion and feeling between families.

Users that hate to write even using email not to mention paper, pens, and the postal “snail mail” services can use any of the above technologies using an Internet connection available almost anywhere to communicate with anyone around the world.

The increase in smart mobile phones technology not only provides the ability to talk as a mobile telephone or chat using SMS but it can also take advantage of some programs like those above using the Internet and (WiFi) a wireless Internet connection if a mobile subscription to the Internet is not available to avoid additional charges.

It is sad and disappointing that while technology progresses family relationships may actually be decreasing.

In contrast, communications between individuals and friends of long ago are actually increasing.

If you really believe that you have thousands of “real” friends, go ahead and ask them for help and see what happens.

Over the last few years I have come to realize that I have more friends from 30 years ago than the people or relatives that I know today.  Some of my friends have offered to help in many ways without asking for favors in return.

So if you want to have a real friend that you can trust, take the time to develop your relationship.

The Innovation of Loneliness

History of Social Networking Sites

Capitalism Unraveled by Globalization

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The Global war to achieve equilibriumIt wasn’t long ago when the idea of low cost production with high profits gave birth to the ideas that brought everyone cheap and innocuous made products from Asia.  The failure by governments and that of the G20 group is that they overlooked the implications of current system to meet the needs of globalization.

I wrote a long time ago that globalization is a failure and I maintain that thought because as we see today, governments and the G20 now realize that they did not make any framework or provisions for taxing companies and other basic concepts as guidelines for the correct progress of globalization.

As a result, global enterprises are the inculpation of being tax evaders when in fact they are not.  The global enterprise is not obligated to pay taxes if laws have not been established for them to do so.

This is the consequence of supporting an issue without any thought to future planning that proves the lack of forethought by politicians.

Now that they have managed to create the global monster that is uncontrollable, it uses investment funding by the people of the same countries that push forward the idea resulting in the same people from those countries losing their jobs, their homes, and their future.

The question now is how to stabilize or bring globalization to equilibrium?

Globalization cannot be stopped because doing so would probably instigate a global war between the countries that now control production and the countries that have become stagnant.

Poorer countries are “sending” their people to western countries like a deluge aggravating the economic job crisis and recreating nationalistic ideas such as Nazism to solve the threat.

Countries are drowning in debt again due to the non- distribution of production and therefore wealth between areas of Europe while the states in the USA are slowly beginning to collapse like an imploding stars.

There is no possibility to create a centralized and globalized monetary system at this time due to the differences between countries and therefore there is no simple solution.  So, as the system currently exists, it will require much more forethought to correct it; to bring harmony to society.

Even if the possibility existed to create a global currency, the money of the USA, not to mention Europe, would be worthless due to the trillions against non-existent gold reserves.

It is amazing that no one has started as yet the most obvious and commonly used tactic among politicians to solve the crisis, the next global war. Or is it in planning???

Leaders of Bad Behavior Breed Corruption

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Leaders in Greece enjoy decades of corruption It is incredible to think that people who make more money than the majority of the world are more inclined to steal but the facts are more revealing today due to the advancement of technology that increases awareness of the media.

In the Greek Sunday newspapers TO BHMA of July 6th 2014, there is an article on page A30 that explains how the disorganization of the legal system in Greece promotes delays, inobjectivity, and the queue of untried cases.  This is happening even though the number of lawyers in Greece places the country in second place after Luxemburg.

It includes a comparison of EU countries that provides a reader with a glimpse of intentional inefficiencies that force people into despair and dislike of both a government colligated with the legal system.

Can you imagine Bill Gates being arrested on charges of embezzlement?
As one of the richest persons in the world today, it would probably cause a revolution world-wide if that were true.

There are those who are guilty and they are not being punished with the equivalent that a poorer person would be.

Will justice continue to display tainted signs of bias that will ultimately bring chaos to society?

CEO’s, Politicians, and judges are toxic when combined and are now being targeted as they should be for scandals of bribery, insider trading of information, money laundering, and whatever financial or white collar crimes that they commit.

In the same article mentioned above on page A31, the banks in Greece also coordinate their bad loan business dealings to align them with the government and the legal system that is in effect collusion.

The Greek banks request that the government not move forward on the vote over a law since March 2013 for the collection of over 500 million Euros in penalties for bad loans so that they can use the money to their advantage.  Doing this prevents the government from collecting overdue taxes and other fines and penalties but would take this money from the bank accounts thereby reducing funds that banks profits.

The EU is now studying the legal systems of many EU countries to attempt to bring them into alignment.  This of course is happening only because they are being delayed by countries diliquent in prosecuting cases that in their own interest otherwise they would simply expedite everything in the usual manner of the EU, without priority.


The True Cost of Hidden Money

Why do international balance sheets each year show more liabilities than assets?

Hidden Taxation Obscures Competition

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Third Parties Benefit From Tax Collection

Competition is a key word used commonly by Greek politicians to justify the reduction of salaries and pensions of Greeks.  The problem is not the salaries and pensions but the hidden taxes and extremely high taxes that companies must pay to hire a Greek that detrimental to competition.

In the Greek Sunday newspapers TO BHMA and KATHIMERINI of July 6th 2014, an article was unleashed that should have been revealed by the Troika long ago, with a list of 200 taxes that are being collected on behalf of third parties!

Some of the hidden taxes in addition to the 23 percent VAT sales tax!

  • Plain paper tax for printers and photocopies
  • Another photocopy tax of 4 percent
  • Movie tickets include 12 percent
  • Rail road train tickets include 2 percent
  • Engineer tax of 3 percent for buildings
  • A sound and video reproduction tax of 6 percent
  • A tax on companies performing public projects of 3 percent
  • A real estate tax of 0.775 percent on property values
  • A 0.2 percent tax on imported candles
  • A tax on loans of 0.6 percent
  • A tax of one or two percent on the private school tuition
  • Three Euros per application of weddings, baptisms, deaths, and divorces
  • Rental tax percent undisclosed toward a public employee fund
  • Another rental tax of 3.6 percent and a stamp tax amount undisclosed
  • Passenger tickets on ships include 5 cents for the mooring employees
  • Passport (5 year) renewal includes a social security tax of 20 percent and 22 Euros of postal charges even though the passport must be collected in person

Only a few of the third parties are mentioned in the article.  The article does state that even the government does not know how many hidden taxes exist as they cannot list them all.

Caveat Emptor and Caveat Venditor are not applied in the Greek market. This is also why Greeks Pay More for Services and Products.

The Greek government or state charges a whopping forty (40) percent towards social security benefits that was recently lowered by a ridiculous four (4) percent to motivate companies to pay it.  The social security is not a tax mind you but a fund that is supposed to provide workers with insurance coverage, retirement, and unemployment benefits however it is an expense to businesses that increase the cost of labor.

The reasoning to reduce salaries was based on the fact that if you hired an employee for 1000 Euros per month, the company is actually paying 1400 Euros per month in labor costs.

Now that salaries begin at 400 Euros per month the government has realized that they are not collecting taxes at all but have increased the use of illegal employment while destroying the internal economy that is a primary source of building the social structure.

The real problem of competition in Greece is not the salaries but the hidden cost of taxes.

In reality, the reduction of salaries and pensions is anathema to use a Greek word to the economy because it does not allow more money to circulate which in turn would provide more internal market growth.  More internal market growth will result in more employment and more taxes being collected even if the taxes are of a lesser amount.  The end result would be a more stable economy.

Unless a new line of thinking by both the people and the politicians of Greece are affected, Greece will never be a competitive country.


State Corruption is Alive and Well in Greece

Top tax collector in Greece faces task of restoring confidence

Bloomberg: "Theoharis dismissed over taxing the rich"

Greek Church Out of Tax Department Jurisdiction

Translated by Google: A Greek website that discloses the hidden and illegal taxes

Original content of the Greek website in Greek

The New Order Defines Extreme Poverty

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Extreme Poverty is the Substitute for CommunismIn Greece a disturbing new plan is being developed by the government that may affect everyone in western countries around the world.  In essence as capitalism deteriorates with closing of businesses and the loss of employment, lower and middle class individuals and families will fall into the category of poverty.

When the net income is less than 4,800 per year for the entire family that has no other means of subsistence, the government is setting the maximum amount of “guaranteed income by the state” not exceed 4,800 Euros.

250,000 households out of 10M people are to receive guaranteed income in 2015 as a test!

When the test if over will your country be next?  Is this what the G20 been planning?

The basic allowance is to be set at 230 Euros per person with a home where the home has an assessed value of less than 80,000 Euros.

This means that anyone who is living on the street either by themselves or with their family will receive a "beneficiary allowance" that will supposedly allow them only to eat.

Other assets that can exclude receiving a guaranteed income by the state are bank accounts of less than 9,600 Euros, investments, and automobiles with an engine capacity of over 1400cc’s.

As reported in the article, the guaranteed income is equal to 400 Euros according to the members of the family.  The "beneficiary allowance" is to be set at 230 Euros for the spouse with an additional 70 Euros for a child, another 50 Euros for the second child, another 50 Euros for an additional child, totaling 400 Euros.

Based on the current level of taxation on real estate, this means that most if not all lower and middle class will be forced to forfeit their homes because anyone at this level of income will not be able to pay their real estate taxes.

Reference - translated by google:

This will ensure the guaranteed income provided by the Memorandum - Who and why will be left out

Source - Πηγή:

Αυτοί θα εξασφαλίσουν το εγγυημένο εισόδημα που προβλέπει το Μνημόνιο – Ποιοι και γιατί μένουν έκτος

Surname Changes Create Challenges

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Genealogical Surname Changes by Greeks

Genealogical Surname Changes by Greeks living abroad and within Greece are common.

Greek surnames change for different reasons and that includes translating from the foreign characters to Latin characters, shortening of names for convenience or to make the transition into another society, and by mistakes of the government employees responsible for recording the names.

Some examples that I have seen include, Haralambopoulos being changed to Harris, Bournias to Pournias or Vournias and others.

It happens due to errors using transliteration between two languages where a person may assume that the transliteration is based on character sounds when in fact it may be based on a standard set by the government.  In the case of Greece, once a name has been recorded, it is set in stone unless a person is willing to challenge the government bureaucracy.

Papadopoulos to Payne is not the first Greek person to have his name changed but a recent article on a Greek website cited it, link below.

The Oscar winner of Greek origin, filmmaker Alexander Payne revealed while speaking at the Canadian broadcast television station CBS: "We changed our name from Papadopoulos Payne to avoid hatred against the Greeks."

It is sad that racial opinion caused this to happen.  I hope that this trend does not continue today so that people everywhere can display their last name proudly for their ancestry and heritage.


Director, producer and screenwriter Alexander Payne

The article about changing a surname for racial reasons translated to English

The original article in Greek at the website of

Airline Industry to Slave Economy Class Lifestyle

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Airline industry must be regulated

We all want decent services but at what cost?  It is not the first time that you may have read about airlines exploiting the use of fees for anything and everything from selling bottles of water to outrageous charges for overweight luggage.

The USA once again leads the pseudo assault on the airlines effectively doing nothing to stop the tactics while in an article from a newspaper quoted a $3.4 billion profit from overweight luggage charges that travelers are forced to pay once they get to the check-in counter.

In essence, the same business tactics are being used by Internet providers offering a multitude of options creating chaos for consumers and multiple lanes of Internet speed using the abuse of the Net Neutrality rules.

So what is happening is that instead of making the buying of services easier, companies are claiming that private business must be separated from governmental intervention is in effect making everything more complicated and more expensive due to hidden charges.  Yes, the charges are hidden otherwise you would know about it before the check-in or receiving your bill.

Most consumer protection statutes require full disclosure of taxes and fees when booking through any channel of distribution as long as YOU file a complaint.

On a recent trip to the USA, I bought my air tickets online and noted that I was only allowed one piece of luggage to be checked-in and one piece of hand luggage on the plane.  The checked-in luggage was set at 23 kilos or approximately 50 pounds in weight.  I don’t know about you but when I travel to halfway across the world, I would prefer to have more than a few changes of clothing especially when I am travelling for about 18 days.  Okay, so many readers will say if you can afford to travel around the world then you can afford to pay for an extra piece of luggage.

It is the fault of the airline industry that luggage sizes and capacities are not standardized.

Now here’s the catch, the problem is not paying but as to how much.  Heading from the EU to the USA using a UK airline I was asked to pay an additional 200 Euros while on return from the USA to the EU using the same airline I was asked to pay 200 US Dollars.  There is the rub!  Why is there no global price using a set currency?

Maybe the weight of the luggage should consider the length of time during the trip.  If one is travelling for only two nights then of course they would not need to carry more than one piece of luggage but if someone is travelling for more than ten days then it is logical that they will take at least two pieces of luggage.

Row, row, row your plane

Remember those movies where the slaves rowed the ships while chained to their seats.  We have now returned to that time period.  And you though time travel wasn’t possible.

Have you travelled with a modified 747 lately?  Airlines are now modifying the original layout of the planes by removing the toilets.  What this means is that you once had 300 passengers in economy class sharing eight (8) toilets and they are now sharing four (4).  This allows the airlines to put in more economy seats.

Remove the spacing between the seats and between the rows and what do you have?  Slave Economy Class!  By adding another line of seats in the center portion of the plane they have managed to squeeze in even more passengers.

Once again this proves that the airline industry must be regulated to protect consumers otherwise they might start putting seats into the luggage compartment with a brand name of fourth class.