Program Management and Project Management

Projects begin with ideas and money

When you need a program manager or project manager in Greece, I am available for short and long-term contracting to develop and / or lead your team to a successful and timely delivery.

I have managed numerous projects of varying budgets for clients.

Clients are provided with status updates so that they know what is happening, not only when there are problems, for better decision making.

Deployment from aspiration to reality for the client

Project Guidelines

  • Feasibility and objectives determination
  • Open lines of communications
  • Assignment of duties to all involved
  • Training and personnel selection and development
  • Escalation of problems to management
  • Audits and quality control of technical and procedural requirements
  • Reassessment and updating of objectives for deviations
  • Reporting
  • Finalization and handover of project to shareholders
  • Transfer of deliverables

Contact me if you are searching for a project manager.

Last Updated Sunday, 09 November 2014
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