Code of Conduct

My personal Code of Conduct

The following is my credo for doing business. It is based on my personal ideas that I believe are positive modifications to educational values and to uphold the conduct of a management professional.

Confidentiality and privacy are rudimentary to my clients and investors
Not misuse authority or position for personal gain

Respect the stipulations of client contracts
Obey legislative and organizational regulations
Be positive and assertive towards your colleagues

Respect the integrity of all clients and humanity towards colleagues
Align personal ambitions with commercial interests
To provide objective personal opinions

Only accept projects where I can succeed
Actively acquire new knowledge of management skills
Share personal competencies to meliorate colleagues

Contribute to the development of the business
Effectively fulfill every mission
Be responsive to needs and requests of the clients

Personal accomplishments are the development of my business
Engage in continued learning to improve my competencies
Increase my net worth and that of the community

While these are an outline of positive values, they are not all inclusive.

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