Business Startups


A company designed to offer a limited area of services and products that would fulfill the needs of the local printing industry, offering solutions to reduce costs.  The fact that this example is that of a small business in no way demeans the comparison to that of a corporation, in fact the demands of a small business startup can be more exhausting due to the limited amount of resources available to the small business in relation to the corporate environment. I believe that the fundamentals of business are evident through the following example:

  • Researched business requirements to create the business venture.
  • Introduced and establish new products in a foreign market.
  • Developed a customer base of over 500 clients in a major industry.
  • Negotiated financial credit with suppliers in the U.S.A. and Europe.
  • Created employment opportunities to meet demands.
  • Generated new sales through the introduction of other office supplies and services.
  • The optimal success of this venture was to create revenue and additional business.

I Initiated and led the above investment and believe that many factors are evident and can be recognized toward leadership qualities:

  • Establishment of new business in a foreign country and in diverse cultures building new coalitions and creates new partners.
  • Vision to see the need for this business and products shows creation, innovation, and market awareness.
  • Research and investigate suppliers and opening trade communications.
  • Learning about ever evolving businesses and products, is essential to continuous learning.
  • Continuous investigation of the business market, introducing new products displays awareness.
  • Developing the priorities required to accomplish the tasks in a logical order with foresight to avoid errors and redundancy.
  • Execute tasks in a timely and costly manner to concur with operating resources.
  • Manage and developing financial budgets and monitoring procedures.
  • Expand the business to other areas of opportunity to continue growth.


As a business leader, I accept responsibility for my actions, by executing decisions that affect the futures of others and myself personally, and determine the path that will lead to a continuing and strategic management cycle.
I administer and use human resources by empowering and entrusting others of my choice to accomplish the goals that I have determined.  Initiate effective communicate plans of action and targets, and facilitate the resources necessary by support staff to target the achievement of goals.
Whether the business plans are resolved without dispute or not, to clarify situations in a universal manner that will provide a basis of decision making for future situations.

I discovered new business partners to sustain and to prompt new prospects for both short-term and long-term growth, and combined the use of existing satisfied customers with the introduction of new products and services.

Who was this client?

It was me and the companies that I started for myself as my own personal investment.

The reason that I include this here is that if someone wants to use my services then what better proof of my abilities then an actual product of my own creation.

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