A Legal Office


A law office had the potential of expanding and was experiencing growth problems in the area of data management, worker efficiency and productivity. While lawyer - partners and legal professionals are the brains of the company; the secretarial force is crucial to production.

Numerous problems and solutions were visible but as this was a new client, an attempt to solve everything at once could jeopardize the trust of the client and the loss of future opportunity. To insure that I would retain the client, I decided to accept the challenge of the primary issues.

Establish the trust and respect of a new client.
The secretarial staff had limited knowledge of word processing.
Low employee efficiency through high data redundancy that caused low productivity.
Partners of the company were skeptical regarding the investment costs versus productivity gain.

I had to convince the lawyer - partners that the proposed solution would not inhibit the current working environment, enhance productivity, improve operations, and provide a return on investment.


I learned that my negotiating skills are impeccable as I managed to convince the lawyer - partners that my study and the defined arguments won the account. Successfully achieving the targets assured the trust and respect of the client and established my credibility in the market.

Creating a standard training program for the secretarial staff ensured a uniform working environment that introduced the standardization of legal texts producing efficiency and productivity with less repetitive future work.

The effects of the above were increases in productivity and efficiency with an overall reduction of data redundancy.

The client operations benefited through the increased legal professionals served by the same number of secretaries. The operations of the client improved requiring the expansion of the office by 100% doubling its size within a year and increasing legal professionals by 30%. Other benefits were the work process ratio by 3 to 1 of secretarial to legal professionals, and maximizing the use of information technology to include client billing, accounting and statistics, and a professional coalition with another international legal firm.

After a successful completion of the above, I attained the confidence of the client and was rewarded additional projects for over six continuous years.

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