Program Manager or Project Manager

Looking for a Program Manager or Project Manager in Greece?

I provide the services of either a program manager or project manager on a short-term basis for local or remote project management.

My project management experiences are based on organizational programming from early work experiences with various employers.

Program management is the basis of organization of time, money, and that includes materials and human resources that can be applied to anything from small to large projects.

The difference between a program manager and a project manager is that program manager commands the people performing the project management and is a liason to the stakeowners of the project, while the project manager is dedicated to managing a segment of the entire project while communicating with the program manager.

Project management is the essence of planning from beginning to end in its simplicity and now includes more infinite information for the analysis of cost and performance using information technology.

My methods as a project manager include:

  • identifying tasks and issues to formulate hypotheses and solutions
  • present findings and recommendations to clients
  • escalating risks and issues to the department heads
  • flexible, adaptable, methodological approach to problem solving
  • implementing recommendations and solutions
  • managing projects and programs in alignment with client goals
  • leading and managing teams
  • progress reports to update clients

My role as a program and/or project manager for you:

  • implementation interests are that of the client
  • providing a diverse background of American and European experiences
  • functional expertise in business information systems with up to the moment advancements
  • long term targeting for real world expectations
  • highest level of trust and committment toward the client
  • decision making towards real solutions enbracing transparency
  • collaboration with client personal to maximize resources
  • furthering comprehension for goals with guidance

I use it not only in my work in accounting, auditing, information technology and programming but for the building of my own home. With it I monitor the daily expenses and the progress of work to avoid requests for unathorized spending and work, and most of all to objectively stay on track toward the finish.

My greatest talents in management are strategy and problem solving.

If you are searching for a program manager or a project manager in Greece who has verfied experience then let's get a head start now now by contacting me for a discussion of your needs.

Last Updated Tuesday, 31 May 2016