Peter Bournias Management Consultant

Business Services and Solutions for Clients

Each business has unique problems that I find challenging whether as a management consultant, an interim manager, or as a program or project manager.

From the first job at the age of 10 I managed a newsstand on the corner of a street in New York City to the interaction with fortune 500 company executives, both have a unique perspective for the products and services offered.

The management roles and project assignments that I undertake confidentially provide me with the enjoyment of applying creative and proven solutions with transparency to improve the bottom line of your business.

My service as an Interim Manager gives corporations the advantage of flexibility of a small business.

Whether the issue is to resolve government bureaucracy or to stabilize a department, I deliver immediate results while providing accountability, effectiveness, and commitment.

With my proven skills and qualifications, I develop and execute practical strategies to resolve tasks successfully driving change through the business process changes.

Finding solutions to increase or stabilize your business using creative thinking and problem solving to resolve government bureaucracy or other business issues is my goal.

My client's place their confidence and trust my services for the continued improvement of their operations based on past and ongoing projects as a high-value low-risk solution just as the owner of that newsstand felt reassured that his investment would be safe in his hands every day.

If you are seeking someone with a methodical approach to business, dependable, responsible, and trustworthy that is technologically aware then let's discuss your particular needs so that I can provide you with a business solution in the Greek market.

Comparison of business services as a

Management Consultant or an Interim Manager

Examples of business services Consultant Interim
New Business Startup x x
Existing Business x
General Management x
Project Management x
Change Management x
Company or Department Restructuring x
Information Technology Management x
Financial Management x
Onsite or Remote location x x

A fresh perspective to see your business as it is not as you think it is x x
Instill and require transparency x
Scope of the project limited flexible
Provide recommendations x x
Apply recommendations x
Reduce costs that are outdated or redundant x
Increase morale and efficiency of staff x
Perform analysis to measure and monitor performance x x
Increase profits to reduce working capital x
Periodic reporting x
Real time reporting x
Project ownership from day 1 to handover x

Your benefits
Lower cost and higher value x
Single project concentration x
Immediate return on investment x
Independent and objective assessment x x
Problem escalation and resolution oriented x
Team oriented cooperation without office politics x
Expertise and knowledgeable about the culture and market x x
Ready to provide management skills and technical know-how x x

The roles of the Management Consultant and Interim Manager are more clearly defined to provide you with better decision making towards using my business services.

An advantage not mentioned is that the time that I am required as your interim manager is your advantage to evaluate replacement personnel.

Contact me to discuss your requirements in complete confidentiality.

Last Updated Tuesday, 31 May 2016