Interim Management Services

Searching for someone in Greece as a short-term temporary solution of an executive Interim Manager.

As a highly accomplished and seasoned executive, I have provided my services to C level and VP level personnel and offer my services as an interim manager for private and public companies. Speaking respectfully, the title makes no difference because it is the commitment to effectively fulfilling every mission whether it is as a board member or as a project manager.

I set the pace for business as I foresee the need for both clients and investors with a results oriented attitude in the management of your business.

My knowledge and skill set in the following areas give me command as an executive interim management in a variety of industry sectors.

  • General Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Operations Management
  • Program and Project Management

As an entrepreneur, I understand the strategic demands that create assignments for a specialist on a temporary basis.

Each challenge is performed with trust and respect and evaluated for acceptance on the basis of knowing whether my abilities are competent to accept the role.

My method is simple, in the Greek market, this means reducing and eliminating bureaucracy as quickly as possible for progress.

My tools of the trade include a fresh perspective and problem solver with hands on approach to bring my knowledge and expertise to start up of new businesses, operation changes, managing critical projects, and other business functions.

Additionally, I offer an independent opinion for better performance and future needs.

Roles in the C level or VP level are a challenge to find but my proven management skills and tenacity allows me to perform the role using my interpersonal skills to successfully interact with colleagues and to achieve the goal with integrity.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Last Updated Saturday, 09 May 2015