government-taxation-from-and-by-the-peopleTaxes, of course

Where would we be without taxes, probably in paradise because that would mean the end of politicians.

If you apply the concepts of accounting and management information systems then you are probably three steps ahead of yourself and the tax person.
By doing so, you will save yourself much aggrevation and the sores of financial disappointment by not using tax funds available as part of your cash flow.

Avoid the temptation and put those funds in another bank account or maybe even better send them to the appropriate tax agency before you regret it.

and then came globalization....

So, here we are in this bold new world where businesses are now combined to produce product efficiency, employee efficiency and yet why are governments still forcing us to pay a variety of taxes with ridiculous rates.
The last time I checked, most governments love the idea that big business has taken over, that means less costs for government auditing while small and medium sized businesses are considered a thorn.  So now that we are globalized, where is tax reform?

Shouldn't there be a single sales tax?  If everyone is employed by a large company then shouldn't there be a minimum income tax?

That's strange, now that salaries are going to be similar to that of a socialist or communist system.
I don't see a single tax rate on income.  And then there's real estate taxes which should no longer be necessary because now that we have globalized companies we can also have a globalized government!  Yes, these are some of the things that you should be writing and sending to your favorite politician.

Let's show that if we can be globalized, so can politicians!

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