Moving from baud to fiber optics

A digital world

As the central core of any business today, management information systems has become the basis for efficiency.

While we could all perform almost any function of business on a day-to-day basis, the fact is that computers free us of the drugery of boring repetitive work as well as helping to provide information that would normally require digging into archives of past information.

A digital world should be a place where all resources can be shared to provide optimum value for all.


It is everything around us.  With the progress of technology and software today, it can be easity said that if allowed we could practically place everything into digital form controlling not just companies but the resources of the nations of the world.

This idea can be visualized through a use of ERP programs combined with MAINTENANCE programs allowing one central agency such as the United Nations (if properly conducted) to know every aspect of a nations consumption, financial, health, etc. that can be imagined, being able to monitor current and future demands, and channel available resources from an abundant area to those in need. While developing these pages, I may combine different areas of business into some of them just as will be evident here.


Verbal communication is great for short bursts of instructions or corrective measures and/or for short transfers of information or orders.   It is however, the worse choice in longer transfers to human beings due to the reduction of content retention by the brain caused by the failure to excercise the muscles in the area of the brain responsible for memory as a result of the degredation of today's teaching methods.

As a solution to the consequently boring and menial task of informing others, message boards like Support Works or even simpler ones can be an incredible fountain of information knowledge to anyone these days.  They can create a knowledge base of commonly asked questions and information that can be easily searched saving time and reducing the cost of labor.

The Internet business

Today's world has become much smaller than most people really know.  An email is sent from one user to another (or others) within a fraction of a second from and to anywhere on planet Earth.  While most businesses try to create an advantage in using this cyber highway, many are still lost due to buearacratic controls and regulations.

China, the world leader in today's global market of supply and demand still maintains a tight goverment control on the flood of incoming information to prevent it's people from learning the truths about today's world.

On the other side of the political coin, Britain while a leader in the deployment of websites touting e-commerce failed to compete with the USA mainly because the British banking system would not open it's doors to the cyber market.

We can see from these examples that while the private markets of today are exploding with advancements, governmental controls inhibit the realization of product deliverables and in some cases may probably cause their failure.

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