Global business creates a need for fair global laws

Global Law

Going global now demands the use of international lawyers to ascertain the legalities and liabilities of shipping products whether tangible or non-tangible.

As an example, you receive an order for pork from someone in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately you may not know that it is illegal to ship pork into that country.
Additionally, if you are requested to defend your position in a court of law in another country, you may also find yourself in prison before the trial.
Ignorance maybe bliss but unfortunately it will not save you in court.  So when going global, have a safety net with a lawyer on your side.

Legal illegalities

In Greece, there is a phrase using the Greek word nomimon that refers to the legality of illegality, the reason being is that if you reverse the word it is still the same, a interesting perspective that appears to have some similarities to our legal system today.

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