A diploma only reflects what you have studied, not what you are capable of

Human Resource or Intellectual Capital

Yes, the most fundamental and necessary assets of any business is still the human component.

Human Resources, either as a "head hunter" or an agent, or for the internal selection process of a company is the route that we all take to try and find a match between ourselves and those for whom we intend to provide our services also known as work.

Over the years, while most companies were struggling to meet the demands of expansion and competition through modernization whether that took the form of implementing information technology or re-writing the rules of engagement against the rivals of competition, human resources quietly moved in their own circles of psychology, aptitude testing, character testing, and branding.   How many of you have gone through a lie detector test for a job as a sales person?  I did when I was in high school for a very well known chain back then!!!

Along their strategies though, it appears that they (HR) have not realized that since the introduction of globalization, they have not as yet set a global standard.   In fact, they still continue to ask for addresses as if it mattered anymore, not to mention that this is in itself another form of discrimination.
How can that be you ask?  Simple, what is the difference whether I live on 65th and Park Avenue or in the middle of some racially discriminated area such as Harlem or whether I live in Asia or Israel, the answers are obvious.  It can indicate your level of living, your race, and therefore make or break the outcome of you being hired.

I will give the United States as a country an applause, not because I am an American but because it has progressed in this area more than any other country in the world that I have researched to-date.
America should not be too proud though as it still has a long road before prejudice is eliminated.

Let's not even discuss the European Union (E.E.C. OR E.U.) because they "claim" to have laws against discrimination but if you look through many of the advertisements for positions, you will find them requesting specific ages, photographs, and even male or female designations.
Maybe it's time that some laws are applied or lawsuits are used to sting the European companies and Governments into action, assuming that you can get through the beauracracy.

If human resources wants to be objective and fair, then they should develop an application system that doesn't request your email address but provides a method for you to apply for positions using a coding system similar to that of Craigslist's apartment listing system.   In other words an anonymous method of submitting applications that not only allow individuals to submit factual information to avoid the "fluff" and/or "puff" but force them to adhere to objectivity.

By the way what is "fluff (American) or puff (British)", knowing something that you never applied, or applying something that you learned on your own?

Here's an idea for you HR people, how about giving some feedback to the humans that you even considered in your short lists for a change.   It might even provide you with a returning client in the future!

As for salaries, well as I have said elsewhere, get ready for global salaries.
Two bowls of rice anyone!

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