Globalization is still missing the target

Problems with globalization

While I believe that globalization can be important, the feeling still exists that it may not be ready to apply due to the tremedous problems that are the basis of society and educating of the world to respect our planet.

(a segment from the Economist, Feb. 1st, 2007, Britannia Redux) Globalisation is undermining the old certainties in lots of ways: employment is less secure, communities less rooted, the gaps between rich and poor, skilled and unskilled, young and old, are wider, and immigration has risen sharply in recent years. All this has created vibrancy and buzz, but also dislocation and often a sense of grievance.)

I believe that if we do not correct the fundamentals of society, whether or not they are corrected in parallel to "Green business", that we will be losing more than just profits in the end.




Employment is less secure Stability is necessary for any market growth. Without it chaos on a major scale is inherent. Markets and sectors are affected by the outcome as instability increases. e.g. unemployment creates less need for education, reduced opportunities, reduced housing, and therefore leads to negative outcomes with plumeting profits and shares.
Communities less rooted Families are being lost due to increased travel and distances The psychological effects of isolation may force additional violence and crime, and a growing social malaise and lack of cohesion.
Rich and poor The gaps between them are increasing at an alarming rate This will add to the destruction of harmony and as history has shown revolution.
Skilled and unskilled, young and old The desire by companies to reduce the cost of labor has an effect of decreasing quality of products and services. Creating consumer dissatisfaction will reduce sales and profits.
Immigration Countries are being trampled by immigrants Local inhabitants are absorbing tremendous costs to support the immigrants.
Poorer countries Poverty levels are rising
In their efforts to jump into the global advantage, countries are willing to sacrifice their planet for a share of the wealth.
Cultures Vast differences in thinking The majority of world does not have an idealistic western country perspective.

The objective to solving problems while increasing profits is a plan with positive actions and psychology, because: The problems of less advantaged countries are not being solved from within the countries where immigrants are coming from but merely pushing the problems into the hands of the more advanced countries. Education is becoming less comprehensive producing less competent individuals. People in general will become more inhumane.

There are so many beautiful things that are waiting to be accomplished that will continue the efforts of business, so why not open our thoughts to more positive prospects rather than the misery of greed.

The Failure of Globalization

The Failure of globalization is now a evident except for those who are profiting.

More and more companies are now responding to the Harvard University theory failure by either moving their productions centers out of China, and their service centers out of India, to other countries or back to the countries where they were established.

While globalization does bring new jobs to poorer third world countries, it does not guarantee that the governements of thoses countries will make use of newly found capital and resources to better the lives of the people of their country.  In most cases, globalization has created extreme right captialism therefore producing deeper economic enslavement for the poor.

Today's world economies

Proof of the above or do you really think that this is just a failure by the banking or housing industry to simply collect on loans?

The inequalities of wages and movement of capital through investments from advanced countries to underprivileged ones will reduce new research, has already created an imbalance between workers and companies where the investments are originating, and are not improving the life of the majority of the poor or improving their working environments.

Education is a major victim in the process of an effective work force.  The current labor force is not sufficiently competent to perform duties without adding towards the costs of production due to the lack of proper teaching. The dis-education of society will result in regressive future achievements.

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