You forge the company, you create the path, and your decsions are your fate

Inspirations on becoming a CEO or CIO

In the fierce world of business today, and it is fierce, there is no such thing as a standardized or secret handbook for CEO's.

If anyone wants to be a CEO or CIO, they can become one assuming that they have the tenacity to move forward and accept the risks that only they must face and resolve on their own initiative. Each and every person that decides to trek into the unknown already knows that they will have to accept whatever challenges and fate awaits them.

CEO's and CIO's of today face not only competition from their peers but also between themselves as the gap between pure management and information management cross paths to finely define the logic of arrant decision making for the organizational structure to prevail. Management could undoubtedly refute this concept because business management is not subservient to information and business management is relative to sales and marketing and therefore a generator of business itself. However, for anyone that does view these ideas as congruous, CEO's and CIO's should be compatible to create the strongest organization that they can through a harmonious determination and decision making to achieve the common goal.

Demand compels business that requires leadership to conceptualizes an organization, that accumilates information, that stimulates strategy, and compels anticipation to provide productivity, measurement, delivery, and anticipated calculable targeted profits.

Peter Bournias

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