Management and accounting is a hate love relationship

Accounting for historical salvation

Business today requires a good knowledge of accounting, not so much for the record keeping concepts but more so for the understanding of how and when to use funds available, in other words Cash Flow. While most of todays accounting concepts still hold true from those of the past, the ideas of accounting are much more standardized through the use of simplified accounting programs.

As long as you have the basic concepts of accounting, you should be able to reap the benefits of one of these programs that will also provide you with a wealth of statistical information about your business.

There are a variety of accounting programs on the market, while most are proprietory there are a few that are available as open software.

For those readers who are not Information Technology oriented, you will still require someone with enough background in both IT and Accounting to implement this solution due to it's complexity.

Accounting for transparency and future survival

Today's competition is like the wheel of a bicycle.  It is a series of spokes that combined, they have the strength to endure the rugged business path but if some of those spokes loosen or break then the entire wheel can be lost.
One of those spokes is that which helps guide us toward a better understanding of our business and the market, and that is our accounting software.  The software that we choose to use today must be capable of integrating numberous functions so that we can make proper business decisions.

See the wikipedia if you are interested in competitive open source accounting systems that can grow and develop using in-house or outsourced personnel.

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